About Us

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The Performance Communication Company helps brands come to life.  We give the brightest minds wings to fly by empowering their ability to harness and express their personhood, talents, and ideas. We empower leaders to communicate clearly and powerfully within the context of a growing diverse, remote, and global business environment.

By learning to find the best words, delivered dynamically and with empathy, leaders are now capable of deeply connecting with the minds and hearts of their key audiences. Our graduates amplify their effectiveness through their daily communications, presentations, and public speaking endeavors. Leaders leave with an increased ability to engage, excite, and ignite buy-in and belief resulting in unleashed power.


Through a unique combination of coaching, group experiential learning, and communication delivery performance training, we create deep and lasting change. Founded in 2006, we developed an exceptional team of instructors that includes proven experts in strategic communications and relationship management, with decades of experience in a variety of industries.


Our services have been highly sought after by executive leaders, leaders, team leads, and the rising talent of organizations in the energy, science, medical and technology sectors.

We Believe Miracles Happen When...


“We are all instruments of communication, playing in a global symphony.

We are, in the end…

resonance in motion.” 

Mariam Haddad, CEO & Founder
The Performance Communication Company

We improve the quality of our conversations; those we have with ourselves and those we have with the world at large.

Communication between people is approached from true caring and service, the seeds of miracles are planted.

We choose words that serve and spoken from “the fire within,” our words LIVE and become the vehicle of transformation. 

People purposefully embrace their inner beauty as THE means of powering creation everywhere. 
Those with the heart of a champion and the perseverance to develop themselves as THE instrument of communication will rise higher.