Corporations may be in dire need to re-align their purpose and workforce in order to create an urgent improvement in their business results.

Our consulting services offer to:

•Quickly align business strategy and brand strategy

•Create company wide understanding and acceptance of the brand and business strategy

•Create customer communication and presentations fully supporting the brand and business strategy. 

Specialists in comprehensive sector and customer specific value propositions, we believe that consistently aligning  an organization’s people to it’s why through belief are at the core of the greatest brand strategy. 

“PerformanceEnglish helped myself and my employees work together to establish a better, clearer sense of our company vision and mission. Equipped with communication tools that Mariam and Peter provided over the course of multiple sessions, my team was better able to present their thoughts and goals. This in turn helped us to work together to create clear objectives that were important to all of us and implement strategy that would drive the growth of the business. Performance English was an invaluable resource for myself and my company.”

Daria Westerfield, President and Owner, West University Travel

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