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An Invaluable Resource for myself and my company

"Performance English helped myself and my employees work together to establish a better, clearer sense of our company vision and mission. Equipped with communication tools that Mariam and Peter provided over the course of multiple sessions, my team was better able to present their thoughts and goals. This in turn helped us to work together to create clear objectives that were important to all of us and implement strategy that would drive the growth of the business. Performance English was an invaluable resource for myself and my company.” 
Daria Westerfield, President and Owner, West University Travel 
Great Ideas Powerfully Presented

Impressed by both her teaching and by her knowledge

“I did not know how to modify my presentation for an audience from China and that unknown manifested itself in an overall uncertainty that damaged my delivery.  Mariam quickly taught me how to clarify and link my message into a narrative and to deliver it in a culturally sensitive way. Best of all - these tips will make all my presentations stronger. I am impressed both by her teaching and by her knowledge of matters that are specific to particular listeners.” 

Jim Jewitt, President at Metal Oxide Technologies 

Innovative methods and practices...

“Delivering effective and clear communication is critical for staff involved in technology development, so they can successfully transfer ideas to customers and impact the business.  Performance English offer a broad range of innovative methods and practices to develop these skills in a diverse mix of staff that benefits individuals and teams.  They create an environment for people with very different levels of experience to practice, build their confidence and develop their own style with measurable results - and they also make learning great fun!” 

VP – Technology Manager, International Oil & Gas Company 

Excellent Teacher

“I write this recommendation as the Commercial Attaché of Turkish Consulate in Houston. I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Haddad during the Turkish Businesswomen Delegation visit to Houston in October 2016. Her participation as a speaker at the luncheon organized for our delegation made a big difference in the success of the program. Due to her positive energy and encouragement, ice between Turkish and American participants melted right away and in fact Turkish delegation indicated that the meetings they had at that luncheon was the most fruitful ones.  I also had the chance to attend her classes of "Say It With Power", "Masterful Delivery" and "Great Ideas Powerfully Presented". She is an excellent teacher and a wonderful friend who would lighten up your life and help you see yourself in different perspective. Last but not least, she is also an excellent coach who would help you realize your goals in life through assisting you define your strengths, weaknesses and also your message to the world.” 
Deniz Senyurt, International Trade, Investment and Business Development 
Masterful Delivery

...Bring out the best in people...

Performance English holds classes and coaching sessions to bring out the best in people to help them with public speaking. Mariam’s method is different from traditional public speaking classes because, through all her courses, you learn to embody and embrace yourself to be able to speak more authentically. By refining and defining the “inner” you, Mariam helps you portray a more confident “outer” you.

–Adeelah Nasser, Founder of Investidore


Performance English has made such an impact on my life

"Performance English has made such an impact on my life. I say "life" because Mariam has taught me the true power communication holds. Public speaking is something that I dealt with regularly in my position as the Client Coordinator for the Houston Technology Center. I've always considered myself an introvert because I've always been reserved. After taking Mariam's Masterful Delivery course I find that I am more outspoken, which was an issue for me even in small groups. I now feel comfortable and confident speaking in front of 50+. For me, this is a huge change and an exciting one!" 

Trevonna Hayle, Past Client Coordinator, Houston Technology Center 
Strategic Communications a tremendous benefit within the first few months!

“I have worked with Mariam since early 2012. I got a tremendous benefit within the first few months! She helped me realize quickly how certain communication habits were getting in my way of an effective discussion. Through all this time working with her, she has reshaped my approach to certain conversations in order to focus on what is most important. We have moved through different communication levels and anticipate continuing to work with her in the years to come.” 
Gabriela Garcia, Past Assistant Controller, Nexeo 

Her innovative processes will significantly increase your bottom line

Mariam Haddad and her innovative processes will significantly increase your bottom line by helping you to deliver your core messages to target audiences with the greatest influence and impact possible. I hired Mariam to help me get the best out of my communications skills and she delivered on every count. I put Mariam Haddad at the very top communications coaches, worldwide.

– Dennis Tardan, Motivational Speaker


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