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Amplify Your Effectiveness


Strategic Communication will help you learn how to amplify your effectiveness by achieving maximum impact through each conversation and interaction.


Our program will take you on a deep dive into the critical thinking that goes behind crafting key conversations that achieve more – for more people – in a shorter amount of time.


You will gain further expertise in effectively managing your communication across cultural, functional and hierarchical differences in large organizations.


This course will give you the communication expertise to:

  1. Achieve buy-in, belief, and natural advocacy

  2. Solve key issues across teams and your organization

  3. Reduce re-work

  4. Increase productivity

Proven results include improved:


Communication Analysis


Message Development


Post Communication Analysis

Program Description

This experiential learning program is based on critical thinking processes that support careful consideration of how to architect messages to maximize short- and long-term impact. Proven processes meet your challenge areas head-on.


Through case study projects you create around your real-world situations, you will uncover key processes, engage in deep discussion, and a rich learning experience that translates knowledge into skill. You will learn to operate around an iterative process to amplify your effectiveness.


You have two paths to choose from…

Private Custom Advising Coaching Program

For leaders with an urgent need to prepare for future events

  • Initial Discovery Session (FREE)

  • Custom Learning Plan

Custom Pricing

Corporate Group Classes*

For Corporate Teams

Custom Pricing

  • Initial Discovery Call (FREE)

  • Quote will be provided based on the specific needs of an organization


*Class size restricted to 12 participants​

Need approval to be sponsored by your organization? No problem. Here you go!

Our leaders are everywhere.


Hear what our customers are saying about us

Performance English has conducted several very successful training programs for my company and is someone that I would without any reservation recommend to all if you are looking to improve corporate communications, successful presentations, business communications and strategy. Mariam can and does daily provide valuable insight and guidance to c-level executives to all managers throughout an organization. A great resource that will positively add to your corporate bottom line.

– John Malone, Past CFO PetroAfrica

Most common questions…

How long is the program?

Workshop Duration: 12 hours consisting of four 3 hour sessions scheduled over 30 days.

Total Learner time commitment - 15.5 hours (30 min intake, 1-hour pre-work prep, 12 hours class-time, and 2 hours between sessions.

Number of touchpoints: 5 

How are we different?

We believe you are the instrument of communication. The power of your speaking ability happens when the listener can easily hear you, understand you, and remember what you said. 

The process and method you use in building skills matter. We perform how we prepare. 

We meet learners where they are, and our approach helps them learn to make gains that produce lasting change fast.


Our unique and integrated approach draws on key elements of cutting-edge neuroscience and learning techniques, instrumental and operatic performance, cognitive linguistics, and world-class speaking techniques that help you acquire the skills needed to create higher communication performance even in the most difficult and demanding circumstances.


When combined in the right process and order, this proven method will increase your ability to own your communication in every setting.

What skills will I gain?

Skill 1: Communication Analysis 

  1. Understand how to analyze the needs of all stakeholders and audiences who will be impacted by the conversation.

  2. Learn to identify barriers that are preventing your audience from achieving their goals.

  3. Learn how to identify the true value that matters for each stakeholder and audience.

  4. Identify the optimal communication strategy based on your evidence.


Skill 2: Message Development

  1. Learn how to structure and package your message to achieve maximum impact.

  2. Learn how to create precise bottom-line messages to create understanding and connection.

  3. Learn to identify common objections and develop tactics to handle those objections.

  4. Understand how to test and refine your message 


Skill 3: Post-Communication Analysis

  1. Learn how to evaluate your effectiveness of communication performance.

  2. Identify key changes for your next discussion to increase your success.

Who should take this course?

Yes. This course is executed as a live, web-based, asynchronous course where you will have mastermind level discussions with your course faculty as well as fellow learners – real-time. Should this program unfold in a personal coaching setting, you will engage in private conversations with coaching faculty.

How can this program help me or my corporate team?

This program can unfold in group training for organizations and teams to solve problems as well as grow skills. Likewise, it is highly effective in a tailored private coaching endeavor dependent on your personal needs.

  1. Gain processes to improve your overall communication in the varied roles you play in life

  2. Improve an upcoming critical conversation

  3. Improve communication for a specific audience type

  4. Build a series of communications necessitating a specific, key result from each conversation to achieve a strategic vision over time.

  5. Create effective communication sequences that solve existing problems when multiple team members need to share varied pieces of a process that comprise one large-scale message across a global organization.

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