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About Us

We believe that EVERY human being is a work of art with a unique and beautiful message to share with the world.

Mariam Haddad
CEO & Founder

Mariam is an entrepreneurial executive who combines strategic and tactical business planning with the ability to motivate and influence people to meet the vision and purpose of the organization. She has proven the ability to effectively capitalize on increasing market share, buy-in internally across organizations as well as externally - helping people in business sell more while providing superior customer service. She is known for passionately coaching on improving communication processes to obtain solid results, while assisting companies to develop resourceful business solutions.


As a motivational leader that enjoys growing companies, product brands and getting individuals excited about a vision for the future. She has gained a solid reputation as a creative developer of transformational learning programs that draw on key elements from the performing arts, humanities, business expertise and communication. Organizations and learners are able to grow skills and are able to execute with confidence at a performance level what was learned. Her programs are know for being enjoyable, creating a high levels of engagement and sustainable results.

She has been a featured Speaker for TEDx Houston, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron and other Fortune 500 Companies. Mariam has performed in leading operatic roles and in solo and chamber music recitals as both a pianist and singer, nationally and internationally, on stage, television and radio.

Consultant & Faculty

Dutch-born Peter, a Ph.D. in Chemistry, has worked in the petrochemical industry for 30 years. He worked 15 years as a global research manager in charge of innovation and product development with a company considered to be a world leader in their field.


His success in that endeavor was based on a deep interest and understanding of cross-cultural and cross-corporate communication. This coupled with his strong drive for talent development has allowed him to add significantly to The Performance Communication Company curriculum.

Doug Robinson
Certified Assessor
Jennifer Layne Welch

A subject matter expert who excels in holistic brand strategy and messaging, Jennifer sees an optimized picture most C-suite miss – resulting in the compounded interest of greater profits, greater market share and mitigated market risk. A 30-year career as a brand and marketing specialist, Jennifer has championed the customer experience for clients all over the world.


She believes creating powerful brand strategy requires the alignment of all employees to embrace the organizations ‘IT-ness’, what it stands for, owning it through belief and conveying it to the world around them. In every line of business, every market, every organization that she has shepherded over the last twenty years, she has attained knowledge of the products and re-crafted them, defined channels and most importantly acknowledged, embedded and leveraged the customer decision making process.


Jennifer Layne Brands and The Performance Communication Company work together to help organizations and people harness their unique "IT" and utilize this to maximize and actualize the fullest market potential. 

Natalia Noland

Professor of English and Translation and Interpretation Program Chair at Houston Community College, Dr. Noland holds a PhD in linguistics. 

Natalia Noland has been teaching English in institutions of higher education to both military and civilian students alike for over 35 years. Currently, Natalia is offering the Advanced Technical Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation, which she personally developed at Houston Community College. Additionally, Natalia has performed governmental, technical, and literary translations and has served as an interpreter in technical, business, and governmental arenas.

During her career she has developed a deep understanding of the importance of clear and concise communication and imparts these concepts to her students. Natalia’s expertise in English composition and grammar, coupled with her emphasis on understanding cross-cultural communication, have enabled her to contribute to Performance English programs in unique and important ways.

With masters in music as well apologetics, Doug Robinson has been a lifelong student of Western classical music, world music and philosophy. He is a certified vocal delivery assessor and trainer for the program Say It with Power!, effective vocal delivery program for non-native English speakers.

With this background for hearing and understanding the music and sounds of the language systems of different cultures, Doug contributes to the unique approach of the Performance English curricula. He helps to connect the ears of global listeners to the international musical influence native languages have on the production of speech. 

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