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Living Our Purpose

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." 

The Impossible Becomes Possible When...

We improve the quality of our conversations; those we have with ourselves and those we have with the world at large.

Communication between people is approached from true caring and service, the seeds of miracles are planted.

We choose words that serve and spoken from “the fire within,” our words LIVE and become the vehicle of transformation. 

People purposefully embrace their inner beauty as the means of powering creation everywhere. 
Those with the heart of a champion and the perseverance to develop themselves as THE instrument of communication will rise higher. 


“We are all instruments of communication, playing in a global symphony.

We are, in the end…

resonance in motion.” 

Mariam Haddad, CEO & Founder
The Performance Communication Company

Our Purpose

The Performance Communication Company is in business to raise people resonance around the globe.

Our Vision

The Performance Communication Company helps to free the inner voice of individuals and organizations to manifest purpose powered potential through everyday interactions.

Our Mission

To inspire and excite hearts and minds to hear and share ideas in a way that harnesses differences, communicating effectively across borders of every kind. 

Our Values

  • Listen: Be willing to hear.

  • Respect: Honor yourself and the world around you.

  • Tolerance: Acceptance of others in the reality of their world.

  • Integrity: Be real.

  • Courage: Be willing to say what needs to be said and to hear what needs to be heard.

We believe that EVERY human being is a work of art. Your voice is a unique, necessary pixel in the mosaic of humanity. We are committed to helping you emerge your inner voice and that of your company. We are ready to empower you to plug it into the worlds you exist in. Together, we will convert the impossible into the possible.
Human 2 Human and Heart 2 Heart focused on freeing and harnessing Purpose Powered Potential to achieve business objectives. 

We will know we have succeeded in our purpose when we have set one million voices free resulting in purpose-based, thriving ecosystems that are empowered to amplify the impact of humanity and business.

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