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We believe artistic expression can not only enrich life, but also unearth profound individual growth by promoting creativity, cultural exposure and understanding, emotional expression, and social harmony. We strive to restore artistry and creativity to the community, reviving joy into daily living through the quality of the conversations we have with ourselves, those we do business with, our community and the world at large. 

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council
The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston

This Council was established in 2020 to identify emerging issues and best practices in diversity and inclusion. The business imperative for diversity and inclusion has never been stronger. Globalization requires the ability to manage and motivate a multicultural workforce across borders and time zones. Changing demographics mean that organizations increasingly have to focus on inclusive leadership behavior. The Council supports the efforts of our individual and corporate benefactors who want to build inclusive cultures, providing them with the big picture, practical tools, and a forum for sharing experiences with their peers.

Carmen Herrada, Executive Director of Stanton Chase, and Mariam Haddad, Executive Director of The Performance Communication Company, serve as Vice Chairs for this critical committee helping minority voices rise in Houston. 

Check out our blog corner: Making Your Voice Heard. 

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Be the Peace Be the Hope

Be the Peace Be the Hope is an international social & emotional healing arts educational program that engages children and teachers in at-risk environments. Performance English LLC, and now The Performance Communication Company, are happy to be on the outreach team for this necessary program. Please visit learn how they are changing the world through social and emotional learning with children in local Houston classrooms as well as in refugee camps and orphanages in Nigeria, the Middle East and India.

A Song of Hope.jpg
A Song of Hope

In past, Mariam Haddad spear-headed classical music concerts in conjunction with St. Joseph Orthodox Church to raise funds in order to assist the Orthodox church in staying afloat in Syria pre-conflict, as well as to assist orphans of war post-conflict and in Mexico.  To find out more about these causes or to contribute, please contact Father Joseph Honeycutat

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As a passionate advocate for the arts, we are committed to keeping the color in our world vibrant for our children. During 2017, Mariam Haddad served as an advisory board member to South Union Community Development STEM enrichment program in 2017. Her brainchild, “Bach 2 Soul,” is a multi-disciplinary curriculum fusing classical music and jazz to highlight key aspects of music, culture, leadership, and innovation in the sciences. The program served as an inspired response to the critical arts programs continuously being cut out of the public education system. 

To restore artistry to the community, we worked with the South Union Community Development Corporation's STEM Foundation to inspire youth through “Bach 2 Soul,” imparting young minds with the building blocks necessary to foster the creativity and innovation needed to solve the problems of tomorrow. The STEM Foundation, established by the South Union Community Development Cooperation, provides project-based instructions and hands-on learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The Saturday-morning program offers special activities, field trips, and workshops for students ranging from 3rdto 12thgrade. 

Toenroll your child in their wonderful offering, or to contribute time and resources to this necessary program helping children in underserved communities access the enrichment needed to gain the greatest success in life, please visit:

To learn more about Bach2Soul, please contact us.

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