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We Have a New Name!

Performance English LLC has worked with leaders, high-performance individuals and teams in multi-cultural and global environments since 2006 to solve communication breakdown while taking their spoken communications to measurable new levels of effectiveness. 


I am delighted to announce to you that Performance English LLC will now be doing business as “The Performance Communication Company.” We will continue to delight in helping people and organizations transform business and the realities they create through effective communication. To learn more about our consulting, coaching and learning practice dedicated to helping companies create the greatest ROI through effective communication with their marketplace, clients and within their organizations.


The name Performance English will now serve as the dedicated name for our original flagship program “Say It with Power!” helping non-native speakers of English embrace their entire personhood and confidence as they learn how to communicate their expertise and passion – clearly and effectively in English.

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Re-Finding My WHY

I believe in the journey of the butterfly. We start out as caterpillars, go into the cocoon and are totally re-engineered into fabulously beautiful beings. I believe this happens many times over and it is challenges and obstacles themselves that act as the very catalyst to help us launch our life transformations. 


Recently, through my own challenges, I knew I certainly had resiliency. 

However, there was something missing in that state of being. In conversations with friends from Cuba, they brought to my attention – Mariam – Sonrierla Vida! Through this journey of friendship, I realized the critical element that had gone missing. While love, peace, and hope were certainly present – JOY needed to be the critical element of resiliency. It was through this recent self-discovery that I owned what is my next journey and have embodied it in what I call my JOY project – Sonriela Vida – Smile at Life. 

At this stage in my life, I find I am intent on embracing joy in resiliency – and helping others to do the same. I am on a quest to understand the truth of love – and to use this in the conversation with self as well as the conversation with others to realize an existence that is simple yet rich with joyous moments.


It is necessary to hear ourselves, to learn the difference between the ego and the heart – and to hear the truth that comes in the quiet beyond emotion. It is important to keep smiling and to heartily embrace what is JOY in resiliency. As Einstein said, “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere else.” 

Imagination keeps life beautiful and being present allows the necessity of awe-inspiring moments.

My core personal mission in life – and that of The Performance Communication Company – is to love those in front of us into their greatest success. I believe that artistic expression can not only enrich life, but also unearth profound individual growth by promoting creativity, cultural exposure and understanding, emotional expression, and social harmony. She strives to restore artistry and creativity to her community, reviving joy into daily living through the quality of the conversations we have with ourselves, those we do business with, our community and the world at large. 

I invite you to join our growing ecosystem devoted to creating and sustaining JOY in the art of being resilient.

Please click here to join our mailing list to receive newsletters, alerts about our upcoming TV Show "Sonrie", YOUTUBE posts, video newsletters and other happy sparkles are promised to inspire your world. My hope is that through quality content, programming and products – I will be able to spread sparkles that remind us to smile, at one another – to smile into our lives, at life and into the lives of others.

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