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Create breakthrough performance and message delivery in executive level presentations.

What will I learn:

• We will develop your ability to create clear value to your audience empowering buy-in to impact - the reality you leave behind. Through this process you will create an empowered ability to establish natural advocacy in your audience. Clear messages that are meaningful, compelling and delivered through true belief and authenticity, you will convert words into an engine and catalyst of inspired action within those whom you have interacted. Learning to do this one to one, one to few and one to many is an interface to manage, a science to learn, an art to expand and a performance that requires self-mastery.

• We will help you to build yourself as the instrument of communication, learn the technical aspects of message building and delivery necessary to BEING impact. 


• We will utilize the right combination of expert coaches to help you evolve what is needed to achieve the impact you are after creating. 


• All coaching programs are tailored and designed around helping you - goals, time, budget, need, hopes, wants and wishes, organizational desire.


Who should consider coaching:

• Executive level presenters, high potential talent and people who want to ensure top quality delivery and impact of their presentation.

"Soon after discovering Performance English, we attended a luncheon they held to "test the waters" and I was driven to connect Performance English to my clients. In EVERY instance, (my clients) were transformed. Their presentation skills exceeded expectation. What was once difficult to understand was now incredibly powerful and effective! In each case, there was an overall increase in confidence, clarity and personal responsibly for what they create through effective communication. This was not just true for my clients; this has been true for me as well." 

RachelleAspan, IT Acceleration Director, Houston Technology Center

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