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The Amazing Speaker Series

Standard Track

Professional Male

Generally, you need to better integrate the gap between native and secondary languages to speak with the ease of a Native Speaker. Be credible in your delivery with clients, co-workers and leadership.

$150 per month


Webinar: Making your Voice Heard 
Access to The Amazing Speaker Forum

One-on-One Chat

(1) 30 Minute Needs Discussion

Unlimited Access to All Content​

Bonus! 2 Live Webinar Sessions

5 Applied Learning Communication Performance Projects

This track is perfect for:

Students, Employees & Administration

A Word from Our Clients...

"You may know English, but the way you speak matters." 


how you sound.

"I recently participated in Mariam Haddad’s seminar “Say It with Power!” It is my opinion that this program is an excellent course well adapted to the needs of employees who have English as a second language…Her teaching approach was fun and inspiring…The course was extremely useful in helping me to reduce my accent by gaining a better grasp of how to pronounce North American English. I also noticed that the tone quality and clarity of my voice improved as well. Mariam not only taught us how to improve during the course, but what to continue applying so that our skills could continue to grow once the course was finished. I feel that her methodology was efficient and effective. The information she shared with us was unique and that we had never come across it in any of our other ESL classes over the years. I strongly recommend this course to individuals, friends and colleagues who intend to communicate effectively and clearly in English.”

Larry Lee, Department Manager Civil- Structural Engineering

Standard Track: Program Details

Webinar: Making Your Voice Heard

There are are over 1.2 billion English speakers worldwide creating a great diversity of sound in spoken communication. Connecting with others is easier when our ears connect with sounds they recognize. We create meaning based on what we THOUGHT we heard. Sound diversity can be a key reason communication breaks down. It can also make verbal delivery mastery of English challenging for non-native speakers.

Non-native speakers of English create communication based on their native language models, how their ears were trained to the sounds of English and how they themselves have spoken English. Accents are beautiful. They are a part of who you are. Diversity is necessary. It makes life richer. 


Clarity is the bridge that allows understanding, connection and progress to take place. We make life a lot easier when our words are clear and easy to understand. This webinar will highlight what could be stopping your verbal delivery success as a non-native speaker as well as what you can do about it.

The Amazing Speaker Forum

Don't learn alone! The Amazing Speaker Forum gives you a private space in our learning ecosystem to discuss, receive peer-level feedback and receive emotional support. 

One-on-One Chat

Don't stop when you get stuck! Send in your questions and challenges online to your coach-assessor through our private chat feature. You will get answers within 24 hours of your question submission - from a live human being with a heartbeat.

30 Minute Needs Discussion

It's hard to know what you don't know right? After you have watched the webinar, take advantage of a free 30 minute coaching discussion to visit with someone who can help you frame what victory looks like for you, understand what's been stopping you specifically - and come up with the best steps to get where you want to be. 

Access to all Content

You will have access to all content. However, this track does not the ability to turn in video homework to a certified coach - assessor or receive expert feedback. 

Bonus! 2 LIVE Webinar Sessions 

Higher level curriculum concepts will be presented that will take your delivery to the next level. 


Applied Learning Communication Performance Projects 

Applying what you have learned to build and deliver performance projects will help you build sustainable results, expand your capabilities and take your communication to the next level. You will work on 5 different projects aligned to each key skill area in the program. Those on the leader and presenter tracks can receive expert feedback on all assignments. On the Standard Track, you will be able to post your performance projects to The Amazing Speaker Forum to receive peer-level feedback.

Need approval to be sponsored by your organization? No problem. Here you go!
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