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The Founder

I believe that words ARE power, words are LIFE. Powerfully thought and spoken words create new paradigms, especially when spoken with truth, great love, great care and with absolute belief. Words, in the end, create the melody of our life's song. When in alignment, words allow us to be music and art everywhere.

In the story of my life, my rich Middle Eastern Heritage, the Latin culture I came up in, as well as my being American taught me to embrace the sameness and differences in everyone. Rich food, rich people, rich art and rich culture create an undeniable palette that allows us to view life as a canvas, create paintbrushes that paint imagination into being. 

A classically trained concert pianist and opera singer, I have utilized all of these rich experiences to weave a rich tapestry of life offered to people, companies and communities in the service of their brilliant evolution.

I delight in every journey I am allowed on with individuals, companies and community driven endeavors. I love guiding others to the art of themselves to access behavioral change to frame their brilliant ideas, passions, beliefs and life's work and embrace the fullness of possibility as reality. There is no greater work I could offer to the world than that of service in helping other's powerfully speak life into their current and new paradigms.

Evolving my own company from Performance English into The Performance Communication Company allows me the space to blossom personally and utilize my fullest talents to help people, business and community to be on a journey of joy.  I stand in faith ready to be a partner in the honor of evolving the art of life, business and community through the magic of truth, spoken in ways that achieve synergy, resonance and results. Our new project, Sonriea La Vida - Smile at Life, is a testimony to that. 

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