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Speak Truth to Power

Masterful Delivery

Masterful Delivery is a program devoted to helping leaders develop communication performance delivery skills, grow powerful storytelling capabilities, and develop a strong personal brand that says you ARE a “LEADER.”

This curriculum is designed to build YOU as an instrument of communication. By aligning and harnessing your Heart Intelligence (HQ) + Emotional Intelligence (EQ) + Mental Intelligence (IQ) + Physical Intelligence (PQ), you will be better able to serve, inspire and motivate action through who you are, what you say, and how you say it.


This course will give you the communication delivery expertise to:

  1. Perform comfortably and confidently in large or small settings

  2. Be positively unforgettable

  3. Build empathy and lasting relationship with your audience

  4. Engender trust in your leadership and belief in your messages

  5. Inspire others to amplify your message

Proven results include improved:


Heart Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence


Mental Intelligence


Physical  Intelligence

Program Description

Learn to express yourself from the inside out, understand who you are as a leader and how to strategically craft your delivery to support your being remembered, and carried around in the hearts and minds of your audience.


This is a key skill to learn how to create advocacy level change and transformation by getting people excited about who you truly are and what you have to share.

The Opera stage and chamber music arena are wonderful spaces to have understood the essence of communication – connecting with others on an emotional and subliminal level, inviting them into your world to share in your inner space while telling a story you ultimately can place your whole belief in. This curriculum draws from all the arts as well as spiritual schools of thought and psychology to help you create your greatest inner alignment and personal brand. This alignment will naturally flow outward as we enhance how you use your face, body, eyes, and voice to get your audience to impact.

Learn to touch, move, and inspire your listener.

Course Highlights:

  • Understand your greatest gifts as a leader

  • Express your views in a way that allows your inner leader to show up

  • Get people to sit up and listen through improved body language, facial expression, vocal and emotional tone, and effective message delivery

  • Skyrocket your current delivery skills through hands-on exercises, discussions, and proven practice tools that come from the fine arts world of classical music, theater, opera, and art.

  • Get rid of those sneaky talent thieves like nervousness, anxiety, fear, and worry through powerful discussions and strategies as we explore killer performance psychology tactics.


You have two paths to choose from…

Private Custom Advising Coaching Program

For leaders with an urgent need to prepare for future events

  • Initial Discovery Session (FREE)

  • Custom Learning Plan

Custom Pricing

Corporate Group Classes*

For Corporate Teams

Custom Pricing

  • Initial Discovery Call (FREE)

  • Quotes will be given based on the specific need of an organization. 



Need approval to be sponsored by your organization? No problem. Here you go!

Our leaders are everywhere.


Hear what our customers are saying about us

“Mariam combines in an incredible manner the human aspects of relationship management with the business facts and matters. She is completely oriented to improve communication by making people experience the importance of feeling and acting in a congruent manner. She is a living values person and an extraordinary person to work with.” 

Jorge Eduardo Pelaez, Decision Making & Effectiveness Coach, and Consultant 

Most common questions…

How long is the program?

Workshop Duration: 12 hours consisting of four 3 hour sessions scheduled over 30 days.

Total Learner time commitment - 15.5 hours (30 min intake, 1-hour pre-work prep, 12 hours class-time, and 2 hours between sessions.

Number of touchpoints: 5 

How Are We Different?

We believe you are the instrument of communication. The power of your speaking ability happens when the listener can easily hear you, understand you, and remember what you said. 

The process and method you use in building skills matter. We perform how we prepare. 

We meet learners where they are, and our approach helps them learn to make gains that produce lasting change fast.


Our unique and integrated approach draws on key elements of cutting-edge neuroscience and learning techniques, instrumental and operatic performance, cognitive linguistics, and world-class speaking techniques that help you acquire the skills needed to create higher communication performance even in the most difficult and demanding circumstances.


When combined in the right process and order, this proven method will increase your ability to own your communication in every setting.

What skills will I gain?

Skill 1: Heart intelligence

  1. Discover more about you truly are

  2. Discover your strengths while being aware of weaknesses

  3. Discover how to embrace self-acceptance to empower courageous confidence

  4. Create alignment between your true inner self and the roles you play


Skill 2: Emotional Intelligence

  1. Understand how to distinguish your daily feeling from feelings about your audience and message. 

  2. Learn to distinguish what you specifically believe about your message. 

  3. Discover how to define the message impact. 

  4. Discover how to identify the emotional tone needed to bring your message to life. 

  5. Discover how to manage negative head chat from interfering with your performance.


Skill 3: Mental Intelligence

  1. Learn how to strategize your delivery based on message purpose and audience. 

  2. Learn our special technique that enables you to consistently perform under challenging circumstances. 

  3. Discover how to achieve real-time agility during a performance.


Skill 4: Physical Intelligence

  1. Learn how to unfreeze your body language and facial expression to better align in telling your story. 

  2. Introduction to voice development and vocal storytelling techniques. 

  3. Engage in experiential learning exercises to integrate Skills 1-3 into full physical performance.

Can this program help overcome feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, and stress in public speaking?


Absolutely. The creator of this program, Mariam Haddad, spent the majority of her performance career discovering ways to overcome deep-seated fears of performance. Key tools have been included that are based on spiritual, psychological, and performance skills that translate into helping you get what you need to overcome this painful experience.

This curriculum will help you embrace your entire self, receive tools to arrive at self-acceptance.

Confidence is a result. We perform how we prepare. In this course, you will learn how to prepare to perform at your best.

Will I work with people?

Yes. This course is executed as a live, web-based, asynchronous course where you will have mastermind level discussions with your course faculty as well as fellow learners – real-time. Should this program unfold in a personal coaching setting, you will engage in private conversations with coaching faculty.

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