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Transforming the Impossible into Possible...and Beyond

Mariam Haddad
Executive Director: Communication, Change & People Transformation 

Entrepreneurial executive sought after by leaders of organizations and their management teams to create powerful internal and external communication delivered by empowered speakers that brings brands to life. Known for unleashing the fullest potential of products, people and organizations through the art of effective communication.


A visionary servant leader with a proven ability to inspire and empower people to rise, evolve and grow during times of great change, ambiguity, complexity, and crisis. Growth and performance minded, a creative problem-solver with aptitude for finding and empowering multi-dimensional value creation.

Committed to equipping, empowering, and unleashing the power of minority talent. Passionate about growing truly inclusive cultures and inspiring leaders to rise.


Featured speaker for TEDx Houston, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, The University of Houston Wolff Center and many other Fortune 500 Companies.

A seasoned performer who has trained with globally renowned musicians, she has performed leading operatic roles and in solo and chamber music recitals as both a classical pianist and singer, nationally and internationally, on stage, television, and radio throughout her career. Sings in 9 different languages.


An advisor for Be the Peace, Be the Hope, she serves as the Vice-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council for the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston. 

A creative visionary, Mariam has brought her thought leadership into the community through the DEI Council for IHCH this year through, "Electrify Houston." By strengthening companies and community, we create healthy economies that ultimately support the greatest Sustainability. 

Carmen Herrada
Advisor: Leadership, Change & ESG (D&I) 

Carmen Herrada partners with organizations to align their people strategy with their business strategies, define the competencies that will support their strategy, and build a purpose-driven culture. She has led and advised on the successful implementation of business transformation initiatives such as digital transformation, M&A, and restructuring and has led and executed the subsequent change management strategy in global organizations.

Carmen acquired extensive global leadership experience in industrial multinationals and private equity-backed corporations on four continents. She has held different executive roles in leading manufacturers, working to build companies and teams from scratch in multiple locations, namely Spain, the United Kingdom, Tokyo, Singapore, and Houston.

As an advisor to The Performance Communication Company, she brings her vast experience in executive leadership, business, change management, and organizational restructuring to guide best practices.


As our trusted adviser, she also infuses her personal passion for diversity, and inclusion, and ESG into her guided perspectives. 


As the President-Elect, and co-chair, of the DEI Council for the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, she and Mariam collaborate to help minority voices find their seat at the table and organizations to improve their ESG ratings and D&I index.

Originally from Spain and educated in Belgium, Singapore, and the United States, Carmen has extensive global experience and keen cultural awareness. Carmen holds a BS in economics from the University of Almeria-Spain, a BA in business administration in Ghent–Belgium, and an MBA from the University of Brussels. A lifetime learner, she holds numerous certifications throughout her career at INSEAD, Wharton, and Michigan State University, always focusing on cross-cultural adaptation and inclusive practices.

Karine Parker Headshot.jpg
Karine Lemoyne Parker
Advisor, Faculty 
Leadership Development
Head of The Human Experience

As a successful top-level executive in corporate banking in Paris in performance management, financial and strategic planning, Karine observed the importance of embracing the human experience to create satisfying and meaningful work environments needed within the corporate space.  

Since 2007, she has focused on being a change maker and improving the human experience in corporate, civic, school, youth, and family environments. She has led the creation and delivery of integrated tools and solutions based on international socio-emotional education, community arts projects, and therapeutics. The result is healthier, happier, and more fulfilled human beings who live into their strengths, talents, and personal purpose in life.  

​Her award-winning Be the Peace - Be the Hope program and Rise Series focus on improving mental wellness, coping skills, and enhancing strengths by increasing social and emotional intelligence. A recipient of the Menninger Innovation Grant for Mental Health, her programs are documented to reduce depression and anxiety by up to 60%. 

Be the Peace – Be the Hope was featured in 2017 on the C.B.S. Chicken Soup for the Soul's Hidden Heroes nationally syndicated program and received in 2020 the prestigious Jean Davis Myers Volunteer service award from H.I.S.D., the biggest school district in Texas. 

Her work has been published academically in Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning / Emerald Publishing. A 2019 recipient of the Rotary International Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity, Executive Director of the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts since 2011, Karine has served the community as the President-Elect for the Houston International Rotary Club and representative of the District 5890 Peace Committee and USA-France Inter-Country Committee. 

Shafique Pappa
Advisor, Faculty & Chief Product Officer – Online Education

Shafique is a serial entrepreneur and a subject matter expert in data-driven lean startup methodologies, and artificial intelligence.


In his role as Chief Product Officer for Online Education, Shafique’s contributions have helped us to effectively translate live classroom learning into a robust, blended learning experience that our students can carry in their pocket with 24-7 access.


Shafique's relevant background includes lean data-driven innovation methodology; artificial intelligence to improve product adoption, scale instructional resources, and improve student performance.  


Shafique works directly with our clients to understand their challenges while using the Performance English Platform for The Amazing Speaker Series: Say It with Power! online. The direct feedback helps Shafique and his team design a better user experience that can be easily adopted by our clients. 

Shafique's other passions include helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Peter Pasman
Advisor & Faculty

Communication champion, global research manager of groups on 3 continents, member of the business team for $300MM business, innovation champion for $1BB company, and key interface for the extremely demanding core of $25MM customers. PhD in Chemistry retired after 30 years at Shell Oil/Kraton Polymers.

Our clients deeply value his experience, deep interest, and understanding of cross-cultural and cross-corporate communication and his passion for talent development which translates into inspired results.

Peter is a key contributor to all curriculum, infusing it with key leadership concepts and communication expertise utilized throughout his career in empowering deep change in the people he has managed, mentored and served.

Doug Robinson
Certified Assessor

With masters in music as well apologetics, Doug Robinson has been a lifelong student of Western classical music, world music, and philosophy. He is a certified vocal delivery assessor and trainer for the program Say It with Power!, an effective vocal delivery program for non-native English speakers.

With this background for hearing and understanding the music and sounds of the language systems of different cultures, Doug contributes to the unique approach of the Performance English curricula. He helps to connect the ears of global listeners to the international musical influence native languages have on the production of speech. 

Natalia Noland
Beyond English Leadership Advisor, Faculty

Dr. Noland has been a faculty member of The Performance Communication Company for 8 years. She has taught English in institutions of higher education to both military and civilian students alike for over 35 years. Additionally, Natalia has performed governmental, technical, and literary translations and has served as an interpreter in technical, business, and governmental arenas.

Her deep understanding of the importance of clear and concise communication as well as her expertise in English composition, grammar, and cross-cultural communications have greatly contributed to the success of our global students.


Dr. Natalia Noland is our Language Specialist for the Beyond English Program with The Performance Communication Company. Dr. Noland is a PhD in Linguistics as well as the Chair for the Translation & Interpretation Program at Houston Community College.

Jennifer Welch
Founder & CEO
Jennifer Layne Brands

Throughout my career, I’ve worked to demonstrate that when business strategy and brand strategy are aligned and mutually inform each other, organizations capture maximum space in the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.


I’ve built brands in financial services, technical services, manufacturing, lubricants, chemicals, insurance, oil & gas, real estate, racing, fashion and more. I believe that two factors make or break an organization: a Purpose and a Brand consistently aligned with that Purpose.


Customers want to do more than just buy; they want to buy into something. Products can be replaced, but a well-defined Purpose has the power to draw a mental picture that clients can identify and build a relationship with. As well, employees crave relevance and when they can relate to their brand with passion, the product becomes less relevant leaving the company space to innovate and evolve as everyone is all in.


Thirty years in sales, marketing, communications, and brands, (twenty with Shell and their Global Head of Brand Strategy and Stewardship) I have vectored my career from saleswoman to trainer, marketer to brand speaker to guest lecturer, practitioner to strategist. Currently, I’m an independent Chief Marketing Officer and Brand Strategist through my company Jennifer Layne Brands.


My role is to facilitate growth. With almost thirty years of practice, patience and confidence, twenty with one of the largest and most valuable brands in the world, I have built and collected an extremely broad spectrum of skills and instincts focusing on business growth. I am your subject matter expert in brand strategy.