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A Rest.

A Rest. Sounds lovely right?

In music, rests have been described as the most beautiful place in a piece of music.

They are the spots where silence is alive. Where quiet rises up to meet where sound left off. It's the spot where your heart and mind waits to hear more.

In live, interpersonal interactions, we need rests - otherwise known as - a pause. Why? The Pause is the small space of silence between phrases that is an energetic invitation for someone else to consider your viewpoint. It is the canvas where the multi-dimensional consciousness between you and those listening, mix, to create reality. It is the space where the multi-verse can align to become - a UNI-verse.

How? The time-space dimension where your thoughts fly would be in the future of the sound of your words. After spoken, they become your past moment while for your audience, it is received in their present.

The Pause (rests) are where you are heard, understood. The Pause is where hearts and minds connect. Learning to be ok in that silence is a key to becoming a conductor of people and perceptions.

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Interested in learning more about how we help individuals, teams and organizations get more done while bringing along hearts and minds?

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