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It's Time to Create HeArts for Hope!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The Performance Communication Company is a proud partner of Be the Peace, Be the Hope: HeArts for Hope, Arts for All encouragement initiative.

When our brain is in a state of fear, trauma or anxiety - it is challenging to cope, to create and to be productive. HeArts for Hope, Arts for All will help you, your co-workers and your family reduce stress, express yourself and encourage one another during challenging times.

Be the Peace Be the Hope, a non-profit initiative supported by The Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, is on a mission to increase emotional intelligence to aide people in navigating the world with increased well-being. Be the Peace Be the Hope was a recipient of the Menninger Innovation Grant for Mental Health, ran 280 workshops for Harvey victims, has aided highly traumatized populations in refugee camps and orphanages in Lebanon, Iraq, Burkina Faso (West Africa) and India as well as over 3000 children in vulnerable situations throughout HISD.

In our response to the stressors of the global pandemic and market challenges, please join us in a virtual artistic collaboration that will break the barriers of social distance. Together, we can help sow seeds of social and emotional healing during these challenging times.

Imagine receiving a HeArt for Hope - made with care by many hands - exactly when you needed it. Here is an example!

A New Dawn

Life had changed.

While many saw through shades of fear;

Dawn was opening her sleepy eyes

to a new day

where endings;

and beginnings...

were one;

glistening with newness.

The time to let go opening fresh eyes;

had come.

Outside in;

Downside up.

New normals to accept.

Understanding would come.

A new era of life was being birthed.

And with arms outstretched,

Hearts to the sky-

Every spirit was called to rejoice

And to celebrate a new dawn.

Life? ...Life was just beginning.

Heart by Karine; Poem by Mariam; Dance & Video by Core Dance; Song by Jamiliee Nawal

Alert:Original HeArts for Hope Material Pouring in from Around the World...

We need your help to CREATE, CONNECT & RECEIVE the HeArts for Hope!

With you, our hands and hearts will reach across spatial distances to embrace, share, love and support. We need your HeArts and Hands to help get these pieces of encouragement to as many recipients who need them as possible.

What do you need to do?

CREATE A DESIGN Phase 1: Create Your HeArt Doodle, Draw, Paint or Use Any Artistic Technique From March 27 on WRITE Phase 2: Select a HeArt from the Gallery Write Words of Hope, Create a Poem, Write a Haiku

Connect your words to the HeArt design you selected. From From April 3 on MUSIC & RECORD Phase 3: Record Music/Song Find Music/Song; Write Music/Song; Play/Perform Music Record the music that connects the Heart & Words you have selected. From April 11th on


Add a video to your creation of inspired movement connecting heart, words & music Create a Dance, skit or move. From April 18 onwards


For more information about the program, Click Here

To Send or Receive a HeArt for Hope or, to nominate a recipient, please email:

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