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The Amazing Speaker Series

Say It with Power! Online


Love how you sound.

“…this is the first step of a different learning experience that can help to build a better understanding and improvement in a daily communication, and truly speak English as a second language.”

Dirlay Castillo, International Oil & Gas Engineer

Zhiang J.png

Getting Started Was Easy

"This program helps me find my weak spots and fix them.  I can hear the progress I am making..."

Jiaqi Zhang
Project Leader - Global Energy Company

Jiaqi Zhang

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An Amazing Resource for Non-Native English Speakers

"This program is extremely useful for non-native English speaking interpreters.  Your ability to speak in English and be understood by native English speakers will dramatically improve. "

Natalia Noland, PhD
Professor of English and Program Chair
Translation and Interpretation Program 
Houston Community College

Natalia Noland, PhD


This Method is Changing My Life.

"This program is changing my life because I feel I can communicate more clearly every day. I can express in better ways what I am trying to say, and I think I am being heard, I think that people respect my words more. Since I arrived in the United States, I have always been shy and reserved, but I think part of it was my fear to talk because I know I make mistakes. I was afraid people didn’t understand me and I felt people did not listen to me sometimes; however, even in the short amount of time that I have been in the program, I feel that I have more confidence to talk, I am expressing my opinions and ideas more, and I can be more open with those surrounding me.”

Maria Vargas, University of Houston – Bauer School of Business Wolf Center Student

Maria Vargas


High Quality Online Training with Flexible Learning Schedule

"With a company where 35% are minorities and from 9 different countries, our employees are using the Performance English online learning program "Say it With Power" to improve their communication skills. The program provides high quality training with a flexible learning schedule. Our employees were able to finish the program without interrupting their work schedule.“

Bin Yu, Chairman of the Board – Utegration;
Chairman of the Board – The Asian Chamber of Commerce

Mariam is an Expert on the Proper Production of English Speech.

“Mariam is an expert on the proper production of English speech. She gets results. Mariam was a service provider to me when I was head of North America training for an international engineering company. More than 48 different languages were spoken in our offices. She helped managers get foreign-born professionals in front of clients who could present their expertise and be understood. She helped employees who were career ambitious but were being held back by their lack of spoken English skills. You know a teacher is doing well when her students come by your office and thank you for holding Performance English classes.”

Rebecca Johansson, Management Consultant

Efficient, Effective & Unique Methodology

"I recently participated in Mariam Haddad’s seminar “Say It with Power!” It is my opinion that this program is an excellent course well adapted to the needs of employees who have English as a second language…Her teaching approach was fun and inspiring…The course was extremely useful in helping me to reduce my accent by gaining a better grasp of how to pronounce North American English. I also noticed that the tone quality and clarity of my voice improved as well. Mariam not only taught us how to improve during the course, but what to continue applying so that our skills could continue to grow once the course was finished. I feel that her methodology was efficient and effective. The information she shared with us was unique and that we had never come across it in any of our other ESL classes over the years. I strongly recommend this course to individuals, friends and colleagues who intend to communicate effectively and clearly in English.”

Larry Lee, Department Manager Civil- Structural Engineering

Exciting...and Enriching!

"With English as my second language, I took Mrs. Haddad's seminar for roughly two months. It was not only exciting but also very enriching. She illustrated a great sense of commitment and devotion to her teachings and more importantly, her concern to bring out every participant’s desired sound clarity, and tone. Her ability to instill confidence in everyone through language is exceptional. I will recommend Mrs. Haddad to anyone who wishes to be a master of their language or just wish to say it with power. I mean not aggressively, but in style, be it in public, class, work, or meetings, or just with friends; it is the ultimate answer. It is working for me; I know it will work for anyone.”

Glory E. Mofa, Engineer, International Oil & Gas Company

Fast, Effective & Long-Lasting Way to Learn 

"I have lived in the US for over 20 years with a Ph.D. from a US University. I spoke decent English and was never too afraid of giving presentations. But deep inside, I lacked the confidence in leadership and public speaking because English was not my native language. Though I never stopped learning English by listening to tapes and radios, imitating actors and reciting dialogues, repeating certain words and phrases repeatedly, nothing seemed to work satisfactorily. I was frustrated. Then I met Mariam in a workshop when she was giving a demonstration. With doubts, I decided to give her class a try. At the beginning, I was not sure if it would work for me, because she started by teaching us the very basics, like the phonetics and even how to breathe, while I wanted a quick fix. I was looking for a shortcut, a magic. But soon, I was pleased that I started to see my progress. What she teaches is the fundamentals, the building blocks. Once I learned the fundamentals, I can apply them everywhere, like building skyscrapers using the same building blocks. After one course, I had been convinced that the seemingly slow approach is a fast, effective, and long-lasting way to learn. I continued and took a couple of more advanced courses. Now, I see my English is improving steadily and so is my confidence. I have won several public speech contests, which would have been beyond my imagination if I had not taken the classes. The progress I made in one year with Mariam surpasses what I made in 10 years. Taking the class from Mariam was the best decision I ever made in learning English. Thank you, Mariam and Performance English.”

Bing Li, International Engineer, Oil & Gas Company


I never imagined how much I would grow.

"The program has helped me in many ways. Before I took part in the program, I had always felt insecure about my English, especially my speaking skills. I could never fully convey my messages through my words. During the program, Miriam and her team had developed a learning platform which took me through all the important aspects of English and gave me numerous opportunities to practice delivering my speeches. I rapidly gained my confidence throughout the process. In the end, I successfully delivered my business plan pitch and took 1st place in my University competition with my teammates. I would have never imagined how much I’d grow after the program ended. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and I highly recommend everyone to take part in this program.”

Loc Dang, University of Houston – Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship

Lessons with Performance English...One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made.

"I started to take lessons from Performance English three years ago. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The class not only help me reduce my accent, but also gave me confidence to speak in public. Thumbs up!!”

Cynthia Xue, Petro Physicist and Investor

We Learned Not Only Knowledge, but Also Attitude to Work, Life & People.

“We learned from you not only knowledge, but also our attitude to work, in life and to people. I strongly recommend Ms. Mariam Haddad to those who want to improve their verbal communication and presentation in pure North American English.” 

Wang Zhitian, Country Manager, International Chinese Oil & Gas Company, International Management Training Initiative

As What the Participant Gains? Life-Time Benefits...

"As a talented musician and trained singer, Mariam applied her singing skills into this course and taught us how to speak with clarity and power; especially for people who are originally from Asia. English is my second language. I have struggled with a difficult accent and word spelling for years. Through learning and exercising my voice, I improved the clarity of my speech. I gained more knowledge about word stress, spelling, conversation, how to prepare and do beautiful presentations. Now, I have more confidence that I can speak clearly, and I know I can continue to practice and improve. 


Her courses are very excellent and extremely useful. I strongly recommend this course with instructor Ms, Mariam Haddad to everyone who intends to communicate effectively and clearly in English.”

May Du, Principal Engineer, Oil & Gas Company


This program removes consequential barriers.

“Going through this program opens a whole new level of confidence; confidence in the ability to speak, the ability to make connections…and walk into any presentation with the sense that you can command the room and connect the ideas because of your ability to speak. It removes barriers that are very consequential and great in magnitude and moved it to the side. It is transformative.”  

Dave Cook, Director of the Sylvia & Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, Bauer College of Business, University of Houston

“The teacher is very energetic, effective and hard-working. Our presentation at the 2006 Dry Tree Forum was awarded the best presenter award as a result of taking this course and Mariam’s relentless coaching…” – Alan Yu, Technip

“… Mariam and Performance English made all the difference for me. The kind of training she does is unique. I learned how to pronounce letters and words in English in a way I had never learned in order to make myself understood. She helped me gain confidence when speaking English. She goes letter by letter, sound by sound, and then you get it. I recommend her to all those who are willing to improve their English performance, oral presentation, and self-confidence when speaking English. I recommend her to all companies which have interest in improving their employee's performance in the English field.” – Tatiana Vieira, Legal Counsel at National Petroleum Agency

“The course is very helpful and very interactive. The course is very useful in presenting with clarity, right pronunciation and enunciation. Provide all the tools needed to improve further communication.” – Someshwar Janjirala

“Mariam and Doug were great instructors, they helped us learn the right way to form sounds. This process helped me to identify my troubled spots in speaking and to improve it.” – Gowri Aruchamy, Spectra

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