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Excite. Engage. Ignite. Amplify Your Impact.

Purposeful Change.

Humanity sits on the cusp of a new era that requires leaders who listen, conceive, think, communicate, collaborate and lead differently.


It requires 21st Century leaders who embody organizational purpose while weaving in actions that bloom through personal purpose. Purpose Powered Potential is the catalyst for unstoppable leaders who consistently achieve inspired, high performing results. 


It's time to harness optimal brand and human capital performance in a way that meets organizational excellence at the intensity and pace of global needs and demands required to meet today’s fast-changing, crisis driven and complex world. 

Through our advising, coaching / learning and consulting services, our clients achieve greater results by: 

  • Increasing Brand, Organizational and Human Capital Effectiveness 

  • Getting More Done with Less Re-Work & Increased Productivity

  • Increasing Alignment, Buy-In, Belief & Natural Advocacy

  • Inspiring, Engaging, Exciting Hearts & Minds

  • Rising to Meet the Intensity and Pace of Global Needs & Demands

  • Growing Excellence

Our clients include executive and senior leaders, management, project managers, teams and individual stakeholders in large, global organizations as well as mid-sized companies, start-ups, non-profits and schools. 

The Performance Communication Company helps our clients Communicate to Win through:

  • Creating, Aligning & Harnessing Organizational & People Purpose

  • Performance Management through Activity-Based Management

  • Developing Leaders Who Communicate Effectively

  • Growing a Workforce that is Socially & Emotionally Intelligent

  • Interface Management, Communication Strategy & Performance

  • Empowering Collaboration and Change 

  • Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

  • Developing Psychologically Healthy Teams​

  • Triage​​

Proven at Some of the World's Most Successful Organizations.

The Performance Communication Company has helped brands come to life, manage change and inspire growth  through the Art of Effective Communication. We have joyfully equipped thousands of leaders to listen, conceive, think, communicate, collaborate and lead differently since 2006.

By giving the brightest minds wings to fly, empowered global leaders communicate clearly and powerfully, from inspired internal alignment. Leaders live into their fullest leadership potential as they bring people, functions and management into alignment, connection, understanding and synergy within the context of a fast-paced, diverse, remote, and global business environment. Our services have been highly sought after by executive leaders, leaders, team leads, and the rising talent of organizations in the energy, science, medical and technology sectors. 


We facilitate organizations, leaders and their people to achieve more, in less time while bringing along hearts and minds. Through a unique combination of learning, advising, consulting and coaching, we create deep and lasting change as we empower the ability to harness and express personhood, talents, and ideas in a way that hits the business target and deeply connects with hearts and minds. Our exceptional team includes proven experts in brand, purpose, human development, strategic communications, relationship management, social and emotional learning as well as communications performance.

We are ready to help you and your organization unleash the fullest potential of your products, people and organization. 

Empowering Change since 2006

  • Designed, Managed & Delivered 40+ Successful Consulting Engagements.

  • Trained over 14K global executive leaders, senior management, SMEs and rising talent in Energy, Tech and Medical Sectors.

  • Coached over 150 Leaders with over 1000 coaching sessions.

  • Developed and delivered 6 + courses, 400 workshops with over 180 hours of original content proven to global audiences from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and the US.

  • Featured speaker for TEDx Houston, The Diversity Summit, SASE, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, The University of Houston Wolff Center, BP, Chevron, Shell, Technip FMC, Dr. Pepper, DFK International, BGP, Sinopec, Murphy Oil, etc.

Proven, Collaborative and Designed Solutioning. 

We meet organizations as well as individual business leaders where they are. We design a specific, activities based approach that will fuel your growth and tailor as your journey unfolds. This means:

  • No wasted time

  • Maximized resources 

  • Amplified impact with increasing resonance

  • Sustainable, higher performance


Your specific programming will be designed based on your needs, budget, timeline and urgency. Our proven approach factors in advising, consulting, learning and coaching and will unfold around specific activities and milestones that will sky-rocket your growth.

Measurable and sustainable results are visible in as little as 90 days.

Re-Tool, Build & Grow:

  • Inspired, heart-driven purpose

  • Advanced & effective communication skills

  • Increased social & emotional intelligence

  • Global performance level in communication delivery performance skills

  • Collaborative & dialogic practices for organizations

  • Ability to harness creativity to fuel innovation 

  • Intrapreneurial mindset

Empower Your Brand to Sing, Resonate & Thrive.

  • Harness Heart / Spiritual Intelligence (HQ)

  • Connect HQ to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Plug HQ and EQ into Rational Intelligence (IQ)

  • Embody presence driven delivery through Physical Intelligence (PQ)

What Can You Achieve? Amplified Impact.

Benefits to the Individual Includes Improved:

  • Get more done

  • Purpose, Power & Presence

  • Effectiveness across functional, socio-cultural and hierarchical differences

  • Increased ability to lead from behind, influence & mentor others

  • Ability to achieve buy-in, belief & natural advocacy through empowered communications, interactions & public speaking.

Benefits to the Organization Includes Improved:

  • Improved brand resonance

  • Improved talent utilization

  • Increased ROI on human capital

  • Enhanced team synergy and effectiveness

  • Improved talent retention.

Let's Connect.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, this woman-owned business enjoys tailoring solutions that help people speak their vision to life through the magic of effective communication. 


We would love to help you, your team or company amplify your results by achieving more with every conversation, including the ones you have with yourself! What do you want to achieve? We are ready to roll up our sleeves and help empower you into greater success, today! We would love to visit with you


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