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Actualizing ESG


Challenges leaders face in actualizing ESG Strategy

Aligning Purpose

✓ Property defined organizational brand purpose, vision, mission and values.

✓ Conscious understanding, intersection and integration with your personal brand.

✓ Guidance of employee personal purpose to intersect and integrate with brand purpose.

✓ Ability to empower and hold your people accountable to live the brand daily.

Implementing ESG & DEI

✓ Embracing the ESG strategy created by the assessment

✓ Creating departmental activation strategies for social and governance solutions

✓ Meeting people where they are, inspiring hearts and minds to achieve objectives

✓ Nourishing people, transforming mindsets, habits and behaviors as a leader, manager, coach and mentor

Achieving Reality

✓ Activities-based performance management 

✓ Meeting your people where they are

✓ Strategy to achieve and feed your mandated ESG metrics through purpose driven, strengths-based alignment, workflow and daily communication

✓ Proven, integrated learning, coaching and mentoring to get yourself and your employees to the new reality

✓ Communication strategy to support winning outcomes


Actualizing your ESG strategy is the answer to the 100-year planning process to achieve Sustainability. Are you building your organization to last a millennia? We help turn your ESG strategy into a measurable reality.


A Well-Functioning “S” and “G” Organization

Proven, Collaborative, Designed Solutioning

Measurable and sustainable results are visible in as little as 90 days.

We meet organizations, teams and individual business leaders where they are through an agile, specific, activities-based approach that will fuel your growth, fully tailored to you and your team as your journey unfolds.

Your specific programming will be designed based on your needs, budget, timeline and urgency. Our proven approach factors in advising, consulting, learning and coaching and will unfold around specific activities and milestones that will sky rocket your growth.

No wasted time.

Maximized resources.

Amplified impact with increasing reach.

Sustainable Higher Performance.


Unleashing the fullest potential of products, people, and organizations.

Advising & Consulting:

Utilize your own learning while we guide you to create your action plan based on your ESG report that will help you achieve your metrics.

Enroll Leaders into our Cohort:

6 Month Tailored, In-Depth Program: Inspire, Engage, Ignite and Excite Those You Lead to Create Amplified Impact Resulting in Long-Term, Sustainable, Higher Performance

For leaders who are ready evolve further into the 21st Century Leadership Skills required to inspire, engage, ignite and amplify others to rise purposefully to achieve measurable, sustainable impacts.}

Includes the Raise Your Resonance Community, Live Group Cohort to Journey With, Live Classes, Problem Solving Mastermind Discussion Groups, Robust Online Learning Modules & Support

Create Your Own Cohort:

Same approach as our Cohort but privately tailored for the leaders in your organization allowing transparent construction of strategies, learning and strengths-based, activities-based performance management across function, department and workflows.

How We Work

Meeting You Where You Are… Guiding Your Team where You Envision



Understand needs, budget, timeline, challenges, aspirations and urgency.


Interview / Assess

Visit with Team.

Understand the world through their eyes.

Identify best approach based on this phase.



Create approach, discuss.

Adjust as needed until right balance, rhythm, pace, budget and results have been flushed out.



SOWs, Agreements, Terms, etc.

34+ Years of Combined Experience+

Winning Engagements

Designed, Managed & Delivered 60+ Successful Consulting Engagements.


15K Leaders Trained

Trained over 15K global executive leaders, senior management, SMEs and rising talent in Energy, Tech,  Medical, Government, Banking, and Education Sectors.


Greatly Increased Value

Private coaching of over 250 Leaders with over 1,500 coaching sessions.
Over 3,000 individual assessments.
Over 3,000 learning plans, roadmaps created to achieve business strategy.

Global Perspective

Developed and delivered 15 + courses, 500 workshops with over 350 hours of original content proven to global audiences from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the US.

Walking the Talk

Featured speakers for TEDx Houston, The Diversity Summit, SASE, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, Total Energies, Rotary, Schlumberger, Engie, CNCE, HISD, United Nations, UNESCO, The City of Houston, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, The University of Houston Wolff Center, Technip FMC, Dr. Pepper, DFK International, BGP, Murphy Oil, etc.

Our corporate and community programming frees, embraces and harnesses the human spirit to create measurable performance in a way that brings ESG standards to life sustainably. We utilize DEI as the heartbeat by which talent and social responsibility come to life. We have a proven track record of engendering a culture of hope, curiosity, continued learning, inspiration and excitement which allows organizations to fully leverage strengths, existing capabilities and talent resulting in employee engagement. We enliven ESG metrics through the human spirit to achieve organizational and community sustainability.

Representative Clients

Excite. Engage. Ignite. Amplify Your Impact.

Walking the Talk


Delivering effective and clear communication is critical for staff involved in technology development, so they can successfully transfer ideas to customers and impact the business. Performance English offer a broad range of innovative methods and practices to develop these skills in a diverse mix of staff that benefits individuals and teams. They create an environment for people with very different levels of experience to practice, build their confidence and develop their own style with measurable results - and they also make learning great fun!
– Tim Sumers, Retired Seismic Imaging Technology Director

I had the pleasure of working The Performance Communication Company recently. We engaged their services during an important sales pursuit to help our highly technical team prepare for the oral presentation to the customer. The Performance Communication Company consultants helped our team refine key messaging, polish individual presentation skills and enabled the talented individuals to function as a cohesive team. We were successful in our sales pursuit and the lessons our team
learned from their consultants will carry forward in our organization. We are delighted with the outcome and would highly recommend The Performance Communication Company to other firms.
– Bart Thielbar, CEO of Utegration

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