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Unleash your fullest potential  through effective communication

Individuals, teams, and organizations achieve more when they can translate, articulate, and align who they are with what they say and how they say it

Our agile program of advising, consulting, learning, and coaching supercharges your effectiveness

✓ No wasted time

✓ Maximized resources 

✓ Amplified impact

✓ Sustainable performance

Which best describes you?

1. Your communication pipeline is broken

You are a visionary trailblazing executive or senior leader who sees the next 20 years with crystal clarity. Your team has trouble understanding your communication and as a result, lags behind actioning your vision at the pace you need them to move. The communication pipeline has broken down further and you frequently do not receive the information you need to mitigate risk, make key decisions, plan and create the competitive advantage you already know needs to happen yesterday.

2. Organizational change is imminent

The executive message needs help making it to the hearts and minds of the people – from the senior leadership and down through the ranks. You need to inspire, excite, engage and ignite the passion in people to embrace the change that will happen. You either need help to formulate your message strategy and approach or, you need a team that can come in and make magic happen, supporting your internal staff in the journey of transformation.

3.  You are ready to brand yourself

You are a hard working thought leader. Your thoughts and ideas are bursting at the seams to be shared inside of your organization and externally in the marketplace. You are excited about what you have to offer people and need help to create your thought leadership personal branding campaign and make it a reality.

4. You are a leader in crisis

Things happen. The world is changing at a fast pace, organizations are restructuring, family needs to be supported and things are INTENSE and chaotic. You need help sorting out your internal dialogue fast. You need to manage your emotional self to stay focused, grounded and at your best to deal with the challenges being thrown at you. You need help formulating your messages strategically to achieve the necessary critical impact.

Our comprehensive, communication excellence approach helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve more, together, faster.

Communication is:


Our framework develops 21st-century, high-performing communicators who listen, receive, think, communicate, collaborate, and lead differently. Use every conversation as a means to inspire, excite, engage, and ignite hearts and minds.  

Amplify your Impact

Our framework develops 21st-century, high-performing communicators who thrive. Here are the skills you will gain:


Being - Who you are being
Executive presence, Internal narrative, Internal alignment, Being present,  Attitude, Energy, Confidence, Authenticity, Personal purpose


Listening - How you listen
Heart / spiritual intelligence, Rising above unconscious bias, Active listening, Rising above reactions/triggers


Crafting - What you say
Rational intelligence, Intention, Understanding your audience, Critical thinking, Strategic communication, Value, Creation, Needs / wants analysis,  Message strategy & tactics, Packaging your message, Messaging precision.


Performance - How you say it
Accountability, Influence, Collaboration, Decision Making, Delegation, Thought Leadership, Storytelling, Presentation, Public Speaking & Relations


Relationship Building & Interaction Management - How you make connections
Social and emotional intelligence, meeting people where they are, interface management, connection, understanding, alignment, buy-in, belief, advocacy, empathy, adaptability, feedback, living values (personal / brand), 

How can you unlock your greatest performance?

Most training programs are high on theory, low in implementation.  Our science-based, performance arts driven framework helps you understand why, how, and what to do to create sustained performance.  Here’s how we do it:









What’s included in the Communication Excellence Program

Your customized programming is designed to help you achieve lasting change, personally and professionally. Here’s what’s included:

Discovery Assessment 

Custom Program Design (90 Days Agile Sprints) 

Weekly or Bi-weekly sessions (tactics, tools & accountability). 

Monthly Strategy check-in  

Quarterly Planning (Next 90-day plan)

Featured In

Who’s the Communication Excellence Program best for?

This program is best suited for diverse, global visionary and rising leaders,  senior leaders, technical leaders, c-suite and board members, functional SMEs, teams, and business units that want to:

  • Create alignment

  • Change management

  • Convert crisis into high-performing success

  • Communicate effectively and powerfully

  • Develop their personal brand & amplify their thought leadership

  • Improve their public speaking & presentation skills

  • Learn emotional intelligence skills to inspire and engage their teams

  • Increase consultative selling skills for internal and external sales

  • Organizational transformation

You don't have to go it alone

Here's what you'll get after going through the Communication Excellence Program

Find calm in chaos

Great leaders are made in times of chaos personally and professionally.

We'll show you how to navigate and overcome turbulent times.

Inspire, excite, engage, and ignite

Get clear on what you want to achieve, communicate your vision powerfully, inspire your team, coach them to success, and get ahead

Transform your Communication skills in 120 days or less

Turn the impossible into the possible with a partner guiding you each step of the way.

Program reviews from visionary leaders

Bart Thielbar


I had the pleasure of working with The Performance Communication Company recently. We engaged their services during an important sales pursuit to help our highly technical team prepare for the oral presentation to the customer. The Performance Communication Company consultants helped our team refine key messaging, polish individual presentation skills, and enabled the talented individuals to function as a cohesive team. We were successful in our sales pursuit and the lessons our team learned from their consultants will carry forward in our organization. We are delighted with the outcome and would highly recommend The Performance Communication Company to other firms. 




Visionary leaders, c-suite, and executives in one-on-one coaching



Workshops to global audiences from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and the US.



Executive leaders,  SMEs and rising talent in Energy, Tech and Medical Sectors.

It shouldn’t take years to see results from Communication Coaching

With the pressure and expectations you have to deliver results as a leader, you need to progress fast. Schedule a free discovery session to learn more about our program so you can start seeing a measurable difference in 120 days or less.

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