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Each program has been designed to build a specific aspect of skill. Where the learner begins is dependent on need. All programs fit together, allowing the flexibility to create a transformational learning journey over time. Likewise, one course can create great change.


Our programming can be offered at your organization. We will be happy to supply you with a quote based on a needs discussion with you and your organization that takes into account budget, need and timing. Pricing is based on organizational needs, length and timing of training, number of participants and depth of program offering.

While all programming is available at the organizational level, we run programs periodically based on demand that learners can enroll in as individuals. Programs not offered at the time of need can be disseminated through a tailored private coaching program.


Improving how you think through, build and strategize key messages that connect, establish buy-in and create impact.

What I will Learn

In-depth discussions, hands-on exercises, and process-oriented practice steps create structure as we establish understanding of your function as a communicator in various situations, learn how to assess what you want to achieve in your communication, and observe what barriers could potentially stop you from being successful. You will then learn how to methodically analyze and assess the world of your audience, understand their barriers, and deliver a message that is meaningful to that specific audience. You will gain understanding of how to establish maximum impact through a process that creates bottom line messages with carefully managed supporting detail. Sessions will be framed around case studies that are based on challenging areas the participants uncover during sessions allowing a rich learning experience that translates knowledge into skill.

Who Should Take This Course?

Speakers who get lost in detail, and lose track of their point; 

Anyone who struggles with getting their point across in private conversations, or during presentations in any type of business arena;

People interested in understanding how to clearly frame the complexities of corporate interactions 

Executives and professionals whose audiences are often unclear about what actions you want them to take.

People who desire to improve connection with their audience and improve the impact of their messages.

Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

" I have worked with Peter and Mariam since 2012. I had a tremendous benefit within the first few months! They helped me realize quickly how certain communication habits were getting in my way of an effective discussion. Through all this time working with them, they have reshaped my approach to certain conversations in order to focus on what is most important. I have moved through different communication levels and anticipate continuing to work with them in the years to come." 

Gabriela Garcia, Asst. Controller, Financial Reporting at Nexeo Solutions

Building confident presenters who deliver meaningful, compelling & memorable

What I will Learn?

How to establish product value through precise messaging based on audience needs, wants and expectations;

How to create buy-in  through impactful message delivery and sharing your unique voice confidently and powerfully in a way that can be heard and understood.

How to increase your performance through presenting, expert coaching, in-depth discussions and interactions that will help you gain power, comfort and ease;

How to present confidently in key situations by being the impression the leads to impact.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who struggles with shaping their message in a way that connects intention to audience value and establishes impact;

Speakers who need to align and convey the emotional energy of the message through their delivery;

Executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who need to establish buy-in while creating a positive memorable impression; messages with polish, poise & power.

Great Ideas Powerfully Presented

Great Ideas

“Delivering effective and clear communication is critical for staff involved in technology development, so they can successfully transfer ideas to customers and impact the business.  Performance English offer a broad range of innovative methods and practices to develop these skills in a diverse mix of staff that benefits individuals and teams.  They create an environment for people with very different levels of experience to practice, build their confidence and develop their own style with measurable results - and they also make learning great fun!” 

VP – Technology Manager, International Oil & Gas Company

Communicate Across Differences

Awaken deeper perspectives that fuel Human to Human connection, fosters interaction and creates greater communication success across culture and function. Erase exclusion-based thinking, fuel inclusion and learn to listen differently to those around you.

What I will Learn?

Take your ability to communicate across diversity of all kinds to the next level as we uncover and practice strategies that will help you close the socio-cultural divide and establish the impact you desire.

Who Should Take This Course?

This subject matter has been designed to help individuals see themselves, as well as others more clearly. This is a critical step in learning to listen differently, above inherent thought patterns, perceptions, perspectives, attitudes and beliefs.

Communicate Across Differences

“Mariam combines in an incredible manner the human aspects of relationship management with the business facts and matters. She is completely oriented to improve communication by making people experience the importance of feeling and acting in a congruent manner. She is a living values person and an extraordinary person to work with.”

Jorge Eduardo Pelaez, International Decision Making & Effectiveness Coach & Consultant

Masterful Delivery

Building personal & corporate brand through professional level delivery habits that align energy, attitude, face, body, eyes, voice and emotional tone based on message intention and impact. 

What I will Learn?

How to build yourself as the instrument of communication through growing alignment and control of your facial expression, body, energy and voice.

How to motivate action by being your most powerful you as you unleash the presenter within. 

How to activate emotional buy-in by bringing your words to life from the heart in a way that sparks audience interest, belief and natural advocacy. 

How to captivate your audience through being an effective storyteller and communicator

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone who struggles with effective message delivery.

Speakers who need to overcome the sneaky talent thieves of nervousness, fear, anxiety and worry in public speaking. 

People who wish to establish greater presence.

People who need to improve their body language.

People who want to capture, keep audience attention and be memorable.

Masterful Delivery

" Mariam's method is different from traditional public speaking classes because through all her courses, you learn to embody and embrace yourself to be able to speak more authentically. By refining and defining the "inner" you, Mariam helps you portray a more confident "outer" you."


Performance Masterclass

Understand how you feel, perform and are perceived in front of an audience.

•A MasterClassallows a group of learners the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, receive expert coaching as well as to engage in formative discussion with a peer group. 

•As coaching, hands on exercise at the performance level and discussion are key elements of this tailored learning endeavor, the group will be comprised of hand-picked individuals that will fit together well – both in work experience and mindset. This group will consist of no more than 6 individuals who will meet 1 time per month for 2 hours across 4 sessions to engage in performance development such as applying foundational learning to positively impact presentation and key conversations.

•This structure allows a safe environment through which a learner can explore strategy, tactics, performance growth and personal brand development. Performance allows us to view what has not become a sustainable skill at a performance level in order to laser focus private session time as well as online learning. This is hands on, experiential learning at its finest paired with little mini-curriculum bytes. 

•4 sessions / 2 hours per session / 6 participant maximum / 6:30 – 8:30 pm ( 1 session per month)

•The schedule is determined by a poll of registered participants of best available dates for sessions. 

Performance Masterclass

“ I truly enjoyed the class and am very happy with the results I see in myself. What a fantastic experience! I definitely unlocked an area of my perception that was restricting me from using my full potential. Well worth the time. Highly recommended.”

Afshan Jilani

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