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Clapping Audience

Create the impact you desire.

Great Ideas
Powerfully Presented

Great Ideas Powerfully Presented is a proven game changer for many of our leaders. This curriculum is a great place to begin your journey and will enhance your whole communication skill set.

This course will give you the necessary wisdom, tools and practice to create a step change in:

  1. Group or public presentations

  2. Leading key conversations

  3. Preparing for an industry level / public event

  4. Creating engagement in remote settings

Proven results include improved:


Message Delivery


Message Development

Program Description

What Will I Learn?

You will learn how to create meaningful, compelling, and memorable content actualized through robust delivery that drives home the intended result.

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You will also improve your overall mind-set and ability to rise above fear, anxiety, and worry that can occur when presenting your ideas in the varied settings your role, business and today’s world requires.


This workshop features a balanced mix of conceptual learning, hands-on application for deeper retention and understanding, instructor feedback, and performance coaching. Participants are required to come to the session prepared with a 5-minute presentation and slide deck.


They will present once and receive feedback and coaching. They will repeat their presentation during the second session and apply the insights gained during the first session.


All participants will receive access to their recorded “performance” as well as a written feedback report that highlights teacher and audience feedback.

What skills will I gain?

Skill 1: Message Development

  1. Understand how to create a message that achieves your desired outcome

  2. Understand how to balance tri-lateral purpose (audience, organizational and personal need)

  3. Package your message in a way that connects with needed value

Skill 2: Message Delivery

  1. Introduction to effective storytelling (verbal / non-verbal communication)

  2. Understand how to better leverage your life experiences to connect with your audience

  3. Understand what it takes to command audience attention


You have three paths to choose from…

Join a Group Session

Next Session Kick-Off: Dec.4, 2020

  • Individual, 15-minute pre-program discovery calls with an expert coach

  • Pre-program intake survey

  • Robust program with 2 subject matter expert faculty members

  • Post-program community & faculty feedback reports & video recordings 

* Up to 10 participants.


Private Coaching Sessions

For leaders with an urgent need to prepare for future events

  • Initial Discovery Session (FREE)

  • Custom Learning Plan


Custom Pricing

Corporate Group Classes*

For Corporate Teams

  • Initial Discovery Call (FREE)

  • Quotes will be given based on the specific need of an organization. 



Custom Pricing

Need approval to be sponsored by your organization? No problem. Here you go!

Download Program Brochure (coming soon)

Our leaders are everywhere.

Ask for Management Sponsorship

Hear what our customers are saying about us

I had the pleasure of working The Performance Communication Company recently. We engaged their services during an important sales pursuit to help our highly technical team prepare for the oral presentation to the customer. The Performance Communication Company consultants helped our team refine key messaging, polish individual presentation skills and enabled the talented individuals to function as a cohesive team. We were successful in our sales pursuit and the lessons our team learned from their consultants will carry forward in our organization. We are delighted with the outcome and would highly recommend The Performance Communication Company to other firms.

– Bart Thielbar, CEO of Utegration

Most common questions…

How long is the program?

Workshop Duration: 12 hours consisting of four 3 hour sessions scheduled over 30 days.

Total Learner time commitment - 15.5 hours (30 min intake, 1-hour pre-work prep, 12 hours class-time, and 2 hours between sessions.

Number of touchpoints: 5 

How are we different?

We believe you are the instrument of communication. The power of your speaking ability happens when the listener can easily hear you, understand you, and remember what you said. 

The process and method you use in building skills matter. We perform how we prepare. 


We meet learners where they are, and our approach helps them learn to make gains that produce lasting change fast.


Our unique and integrated approach draws on key elements of cutting-edge neuroscience and learning techniques, instrumental and operatic performance, cognitive linguistics and world-class speaking techniques that help you acquire the skills needed to create higher communication performance even in the most difficult and demanding circumstances.


When combined in the right process and order, this proven method will increase your ability to own your communication in every setting.

Will I Work with People?

Yes. This course is executed as a live, web-based, asynchronous course where you will have mastermind level discussions with your course faculty as well as fellow learners – real-time.

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