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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Do More than Create Awareness. Be, Do, Speak Change.

Give Your Non-Native English Speakers a Voice that is Heard

  • Help your global, non-native English speakers belong in every setting and unleash their fullest potential.

  • Empower your minority talent to rise in leadership and find their seat at the table. ​

Upskill your senior managers, leaders, and SMEs to be able to:

  1. Be heard and understood the first time

  2. Follow and keep up with conversations in real-time.

  3. Respond confidently using all the words they already know without fear.

  4. Fully demonstrate their existing leadership skills in English in every interaction, on camera, on stage – in person.

  5. Be comfortable in their own skin while speaking English.

  6. Better understand the way other people speak English.
    The Amazing Speaker Series.

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Bite-Sized Learning: Webinars
H2H Factor.jpg

Amplify the Effectiveness of Global Teams with The H2H Factor

1.5 hour workshop
Live or Online Learning

with Mastermind Discussion

Life happens inside of conversations. When that conversation occurs between people of varied culture, language and belief systems, establishing true connection can be a major challenge.


Becoming aware of the quality of our conversations from different perspectives is a key to sustainable growth and change. Closing the socio-cultural divide through spoken
communication demands that we listen beyond the barriers of our biases into the world(s) on the other side.​

In this workshop, you will awaken deeper perspectives that fuel  Heart 2 Heart and Human 2 Human Connection (H2H), foster interaction and result in greater synergy.


Take a step forward in learning to listen, think, speak and lead differently. Gain insights to help erase exclusion and fuel inclusive communication. 


Decreasing Social Distance in International Teams

1.5 hour workshop

 Live or Online Learning

with Mastermind Discussion

One of the greatest challenges we face in global teams is the concept of “social distance." Social Distance is defined as the low emotional connection among team members - resulting in a blockage of how fully everyone on a team can share their talents, knowledge, and experience.


Social distance is heightened in settings where coworkers are geographically separated, can’t easily connect or align and thereby struggle to create effective interactions. Since the onset of the global pandemic, challenges to team health has increased alongside internal and external stressors to the business environment. 

Gain insights that will bring immediate relief and help team members discuss the concept of respect. Empower your team to close the social distance gap and thrive in remote working conditions. 


Communicating Effectively in Social and Culturally Diverse Business Environments

1.5 hour workshop
Live or Online Learning

with Mastermind Discussion

A thriving global marketplace requires leaders who are effectively communicating across socio-cultural barriers, functional and hierarchical differences. 

This seminar will provide you with a space to become aware of your thought patterns, perceptions, perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs.


As you better understand yourself, your stories, and your beliefs, you will learn how to deal effectively with barriers that arise as a result of differences between the sender and receiver.

Learn new tools and perspectives to rise above barriers that inhibit or stop two-way flow of communication.

Deeper Learning

Inspiring Hearts Changing Minds

Activating Diversity in Action through Effective Communication

12 Hour Course: Live or Online Learning

We all have a story – in fact, many stories. They are a part of how we learn, how we define ourselves, and how we identify with our reality. They are an integral part of how we have defined our belief systems. They shape our perceptions, are at the core of our perspectives, and create the very filters through which we “interpret” those with whom we interact. Sometimes, our stories help us. Sometimes…they get in the way.


In order to communicate successfully across socio-cultural barriers, we must understand more fully who we are by observing our stories and our habits. We have the opportunity to choose our beliefs and write new stories of self that empower a better result.

This course has been designed to help you see yourself more clearly, while better understanding the world on the other side of your communication. Take a critical step in improving who we are as communication partners within the scope of servant leadership.

Learning Outcome: Take your ability to communicate across the diversity of all kinds to the next level as we uncover and practice strategies that will help you close the socio-cultural divide and establish the impact you desire.

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