You may know English,
but the way you speak matters. 


Introducing The Amazing Speaker Series
The Unstoppable English Speaker Program

Aimed at professionals, non-native English speakers like you.

Improves your English writing, overall fluency and pronunciation.

Reduces your accent, and overcomes your fear of speaking.

Grows your speaking capabilities with our robust curriculum.

Unleash your power & love how you sound

Top companies who have used our programs


What our Amazing Speakers Say:

"I wish we had learned this years ago."

Alan Yu, International Oil & Gas Company

"The progress I made here in a year, surpasses what I made in 10 years."

Bing Li, International Oil & Gas Company

"We learned more than knowledge. We learned attitude about life, work and people."
Wang Zhitian, Country Manager, International Chinese Oil & Gas Company, International Management Training Initiative
"High Quality Online Training with Flexible Learning Schedule"

Bin Yu, Chairman of the Board – Utegration

Act now and get:

  • A Tailored Curriculum 
  • Live Weekly 2-hour Sessions with Expert Faculty for 6 Months

  • Grammar & Writing Toolboxes

  • Cognitive Language Integration Exercises that Connect Your Heart, Thinking, Mind, Ears & Speech to PERFORM more fluently in English

  • I am a Champion! Mindset for the Non-Native English Speaker

  • Develop an Amazing, Tailored, Leadership Story that you can use in any interview situation that helps people connect with your beliefs, values, heart, mind, and rock-star expertise

  • Access to our monthly Amazing Speaker MasterClass

  • Unlimited Access to Our Online Program Content

  • 5 Applied Learning Communication Performance Projects Over 12 Expert Feedback Loops with Assigned Certified Coach-Assessor

  • Skill Assessments & Recommendations