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You may know English,
but the way you speak matters. 


Introducing The Amazing Speaker Series
The Unstoppable English Speaker Program

Aimed at professionals, non-native English speakers like you.

Improves your English writing, overall fluency and pronunciation.

Reduces your accent, and overcomes your fear of speaking.

Grows your speaking capabilities with our robust curriculum.

Unleash your power & love how you sound

Top companies who have used our programs


What our Amazing Speakers Say:

"I wish we had learned this years ago."

Alan Yu, International Oil & Gas Company

"The progress I made here in a year, surpasses what I made in 10 years."

Bing Li, International Oil & Gas Company

"We learned more than knowledge. We learned attitude about life, work and people."
Wang Zhitian, Country Manager, International Chinese Oil & Gas Company, International Management Training Initiative
"High Quality Online Training with Flexible Learning Schedule"

Bin Yu, Chairman of the Board – Utegration

More Testimonials...

Act now and get:

  • A Tailored Curriculum 
  • Live Weekly 2-hour Sessions with Expert Faculty for 6 Months

  • Proven Grammar & Writing Toolboxes Designed to Create Integrated, Faster Speaking Success

  • Cognitive Language Integration Exercises that Connect Your Heart, Thinking, Mind, Ears & Speech to PERFORM more fluently in English

  • Improve English Pronunciation, Speed, Phrase & Self-Expression

  • Reduce Accent and increase Clarity of Speech

  • Eliminate Fear and increase Confidence Creation through our “I am a Champion!” mindset

  • Access to our monthly Amazing Speaker MasterClass (Amazing speaker club)

  • Unlimited Access to Our Online Program Content

  • 5 Applied Learning Communication Performance Projects Over 12 Expert Feedback Loops with Assigned Certified Coach-Assessor

  • Skill Assessments & Recommendations

Effort Required

Live Class: 2 hours per weekOnline Learning: 1-2 hours per week  | Practice: 15 – 20 mins. daily | Homework: 1 Hour/week 

Amazing Speaker Club: 1 Hour/MonthPerform: 5 appearances   |   Duration of Program: 6 months

Cost: $3900

Next Cohort Start Date: April 28, 2022.  Register now to save your spot.


Mariam Haddad
Executive Director:
Communication, Change & People Transformation

Creator of the Unstoppable English Speaker Program, and an entrepreneurial executive, Mariam Haddad is sought after by leaders of organizations and their management teams to unleash the fullest potential of organizations, people, and products. She and her team empower and equip people to rise, evolve and grow during times of great change, ambiguity, complexity, and crisis. 


With over 15 years of experience leading, advising, mentoring, and coaching global executive and rising leaders, managers, technical SMEs, and entrepreneurs, she equips and empowers leaders to listen, receive, think, communicate, collaborate, and lead differently.

Having designed and authored one of the most comprehensive communication triage and global leadership spring-boarding programs on the market, she works to transform company leaders, practitioners and teams into purpose ambassadors that Engage, Excite, Ignite, and Amplify results. 

Mariam is a deployable resource able to meet people where they are, support them within the context of their current reality and execute on realizing a rapid, integration of immediate and sustainable behavioral change and benefits that achieve strategic vision and produce higher ROI.

A known public speaker, she has performed leading operatic roles and in solo and chamber music recitals as both a classical pianist and singer, nationally and internationally, on stage, television, and radio throughout her career.

Natalia Noland
Beyond English Leadership & The Unstoppable English Speaker Program Advisor, Faculty

Dr. Noland has been a faculty member of The Performance Communication Company for 8 years. She has taught English in institutions of higher education to both military and civilian students alike for over 35 years. Additionally, Natalia has performed governmental, technical, and literary translations and has served as an interpreter in technical, business, and governmental arenas.

Her deep understanding of the importance of clear and concise communication as well as her expertise in English composition, grammar, and cross-cultural communications have greatly contributed to the success of our global students.


Dr. Natalia Noland is our Language Specialist for The Unstoppable English Speaker Program with The Performance Communication Company. Dr. Noland is a PhD in Linguistics as well as the Chair for the Translation & Interpretation Program at Houston Community College.

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