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A Journey Through the Heart

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

How do we find beauty in the ashes, in the painful moments where it feels as though life itself crumbled in front of your eyes?

By looking through our inside eyes, the eyes of our hearts, we find the key to unlocking truth within; to hearing whispers from the heart; and to seeing a road of a different kind. It is there...that we find courage.

The word “Courage” stems from Latin and French, Cor - heart, and was originally defined as “heart - the seat of feelings.”

Corage is a living, organic project that seeks to tell the stories of life tell the stories that matter.

In this Spirit-Given work of writing, art, music, dance and poetry, Corage seeks to share a canvas of individual stories that act as one tile - creating the mosaic of humanity as we frame a picture - our picture.

We will begin to kick off our new arts based community project here on this blog. Stay tuned!

© Mariam Elizabeth Haddad. All Rights Reserved.

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