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Harnessing Your Inner Voice to Create Winning Outcomes

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

21st Century Leaders Think Differently

Seeds of Excellence #2

Harnessing Your Inner Voice is the first step in learning how to Communicate to Win.

The result? Victory; beyond the storms of life. This blog will share a different perspective on how to do that - through a true story and an ancient philosophy about dark and light.

We believe YOU are the catalyst and engine of your own re-birth. If you are ready to empower your ability to Speak Life and create new success from a deeper place inside of you; then let's begin.

Life Unfolds From Your Deepest Beliefs

One of the greatest challenges of today is making key, critical business or life decisions while faced with uncertainty in many spaces of life. This type of perfect storm can create a hyper-focus on the worst-case scenario as the most likely outcome.

A Few, Key Questions to Consider
  1. If our thoughts determine our reality, how do we change our thinking?

  2. Is there a way to "Speak Life" from a positive, strengths-based perspective that is evidence-based from your truth?

  3. How do continue to live into the new, internal conversation you created when life continues to provide the opportunity to revert into old habits?

It turns out that an ancient philosophy at the heart of Taoism / Daoism provides a viewpoint through which we can pivot our perception and find our way to a different, healthier, perspective.

Taijitu (太极图) known as Yin and Yang gives us a lens through which to look at everything as a part of the whole.

Though the lens of Yin and Yang, we can see that opposite forces cause

the whole to balance.

Without light, we would only have dark; without up, we wouldn't know down.

Light AND dark are therefore necessary to know the whole. Easy to say - but essential to remember during the moments of life where we feel that we are not standing where we wish we were. The wish gives you the essential knowledge of vision. It's important to listen to your whole internal conversation.

If reality is based on our perceptions and beliefs that give perspective, then it is critical to remember that there are always two sides to every stick.

Relief comes when: 1. We become aware of which end of the stick we are standing on. 2. We can see the opposite side of the stick we want to stand on. 3. We empower ourselves to overcome the hurdles to get to where we want to be.

How do we apply this philosophy to hear our inner voice in order to find true north DURING THE STORMS OF LIFE?

Let's discover one way through continuing the story we started...

I visited with several clients who had been rendered powerless due to their certainty that they would be jobless in a couple of months, have no possibility of future work – and wasn’t sure how they would rise. After all, life had been challenging – and this was just one possible blow too many.

As we visited, I remembered my own journey through adversity after adversity. I could empathize with the feeling of failure, gloom, abject fear, and lack of ability to remember anything good about my own capabilities in that moment.

In art, we learn to stand on many different vantage points viewing the same object, in order to pick an optimal angle through which to draw a representation of that object, in that moment of time. To create optimal outcomes, we have to learn to do the same with ourselves.

I asked an important question.

“What is a challenge you have overcome in the course of your life?"

I marked down their story. The next question was important as well:

“Recently, you had a lot of challenges in your job as there were no clear resources available to help you achieve your goal. How did you overcome that? Were you successful?”

Again, I marked down their story. They were excited, animated and positive as they spoke about a job well done. They were spoke from an inner freedom about who they were. We continued this process.

I then asked, “ What do you see about yourself in every instance of great challenge?”

With a little shock and a lot of wonder, one of them stated:

“I see….that I ALWAYS think of a solution. I always find a way. I think I’m actually very creative.”

In that moment, they saw themselves - and two important halves made a whole: their inner being met their outer being and their spirit met their thought. Truth and knowing became one. By hearing their inner voice, they were able to tap into what was "real" overriding the dis-empowering story their mind fed them based on false evidence decided long ago and practiced as reality.

We came up with four truths that had been proven over the course of their life. I am resilient I am courageous I am creative I can trust myself

This inquiry process was essential to shift from self-doubt to confidence, dis-empowerment to excitement about possibilities, unfocused to focused, and fearful to filled with wonder.

It seemed as though oxygen had entered the room again, alongside light and momentum. The person who began the coaching was not the person concluding it. In thirty minutes, they walked from one side of the stick where fear and dis-empowerment reigned to the side of the stick where life could blossom.

" The only certainty is uncertainty. Possibility IS the heart of uncertainty. This is the space where CREATION lives; as the art of LIVING." Mariam Haddad

After being given a homework assignment tailored to their situation, we made our plan to meet again. The goal? Planning and Focused Productivity!

The Bottom Line: Embracing Uncertainty through Our Personal Certainty Restores Our Functionality & Productivity.

Seeing where we are, in a snapshot of reality, embracing the good, the bad and the ugly is the passageway through which new life is birthed.

Remembering our truth proven by past performance in life gives us a clear target of who we ALREADY ARE - and have only briefly forgotten.

Seeing both sides of the stick helps us to remember:

WE are the captain of our ships. We don't have to go quietly into the night.

Without struggle, how could we know progress?

Without pain, would we know growth?

Without negativity, we wouldn't find the positive.

Without the moon, how could we know the sun?

Without intuition, would we have logic?

Without tragedy, there could be no victory.

As you move gently into your next moments, remember - without dark; we would not know light. Whatever is facing you in this moment - will pass. YOU have within you all you need to find your way in the dark...because the inside eyes of your heart are the ones that can see the light of TRUE North.

Our physical eyes that see "reality" are the ones that most hinder our journey, attempting to hijack the inner compass where the richest life stems from.

Today's adversity is simply the passageway to better.

Your future is a blank canvas of TRUE possibility.

Taking the time to conduct this personal inquiry in a process-driven, step by step way will help you clearly see the possibility as you view reality through a lens of your PROVEN truth. The result? Inner spaciousness and peace through which to chart your next course - into a wise tomorrow.

Our Step by Step, Proven Process Will Help You:

1.) Tune out the mental noise and get out of an emotional tailspin

2.) Hear and empower your inner voice

3.) Remember your strengths proven over time

4.) Embrace the opportunity to create a new, better reality

5.) Speak NEW Life through positive, strength-based thinking

Carpe Diem!

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Mariam Haddad

CEO & Founder

Excite. Engage. Ignite. Amplify℠

© Mariam Elizabeth Haddad. All Rights Reserved.

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