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Connection Means Survival...and Thriving

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

If you have already managed the basics of getting your team settled, let's work on creating connection, greater collaboration and inspiring greater productivity!

Social Neuroscience is a new interdisciplinary field devoted to understanding how biological systems implement social processes and behaviors. We begin to understand how human beings respond to physical distance in remote working and the effect of social distance.

In an article co-authored by Samita Gandhi, M.D. and Vineeth John, M.D., M.B.A. called “Social Neuroscience: A New Paradigm in Psychiatry,” we learn that our physiological and neurological reactions are directly and profoundly shaped by social interactions.

Being “social” means survival. The brain in the end – is a social organ.

What's the Difference Between Emotional Social Distance vs Physical Distance?

Social Distance is the perceived or desired degree of remoteness between a member of one social group and the members of another. However, in regards to the idea of “social distancing” due to COVID 19 – it is important to recognize that we are speaking in terms of PHYSICAL DISTANCE and not emotional social distance.

Social distance on a level of our emotions can be experienced by the brain as exclusionary.

Based on the physical distance required to flatten the curve of COVID 19, we are not engaging on a physical level of human interaction as we have been accustomed to that could result in feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness and sadness. These symptoms can cause challenges coping, focusing, creating, innovating and within productivity.

Is there anything further you could do to help your company, co-workers and family?

Heart 2 Heart & Human 2 Human (H2H) Connection Fosters Thriving in the Face of Change

Here are 3 additional tactics that could help you LEAD greater H2H Connection

Leaders who understand today’s dynamics can more effectively engage the best talents, support and collaborative teams creating an environment that fosters productive change.

It is critically important to:

Decrease feelings of distance in remote working

Increase care, connection and empathy

Foster Heart 2 Heart, Human 2 Human (H2) communication that creates connection

Here are some initiatives you can leverage to further help yourself and your team...for free.

1.) Create and Send a HeArt for Hope

We are a proud partner of Be the Peace Be the Hope, a non-profit initiative offering a global, virtual artistic collaboration called HeArts for Hope. Spark social and emotional healing while encouraging others. Create your HeArt for Hope with art, music, poetry and dance that can be digitally shared with those on the front lines battling to help save humanity. You can create and share with teams and those in need of encouragement.

2.) Schedule a Free 30 Minute Virtual Happy Hour Learning Session

Based on a study The Performance Communication Company and Be the Peace Be the Hope are collaborating on, we have uncovered a tri-lateral need exists within organizations, employees, schools and students as a result of the crisis:

1. Personal Emotional Self-Efficacy

2. Practical Improvement in Workflow

3. New Ideas, Agile Innovation & Effective Communication

Optimizing our resources in a constrained and crisis environment while engendering high performing productivity in a workforce with limited focus and time can be a challenge for leaders.

1. What would it take to create a high performing organization in today’s new normal?

2. How do you develop an emotionally and socially connected community in a remote ecosystem?

3. How do you open up creativity and collaboration to result in innovation actualized through activity- based management, strength-based workflow and communication excellence?

Sign up for a 30 Minute Virtual Happy Hour Learning Session - on us!

3.) Free Coaching & Consulting Help

We have made the COVID Promise to deliver 100 free coaching / consulting sessions to help employees and leaders suffering from massive change caused by the current crisis come up with their go forward plan.

We are 50 into our goal. Please alert your co-workers, teams and family that we are on standby to help them.

© Mariam Elizabeth Haddad. All Rights Reserved.

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