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Communicate to Win!

Feel Better. Inspired Focus. Increased Productivity.

  • 1 hour
  • Online Session

Course Duration

This short, blended learning program consisting of a live introductory session and self-paced, online course will help you: 1.) Tune out the mental noise and get out of an emotional tailspin 2.) Hear and empower your inner voice 3.) Remember your strengths proven over time 4.) Embrace the opportunity to create a new, better reality 5.) Speak NEW Life through positive, strength-based thinking This process has helped our clients find a positive, and quick way, to pivot in their thinking and increase their success during challenging times. We have harnessed the idea that our very thoughts determine our lives, as stated by a very wise monk named Elder Thaddeus. The process outlined has been used to re-write the brain, it's stories and has been proven to result in the creation of the energy hoped for - the stuff of miracles. You have 3 options to purchase this course. 1. Basic (Introductory session + online course) 2. Plus (Introductory session + online course + 1 follow up session) 3. Leader (Introductory session + online course + 3 follow up sessions)

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule the course you are participating in, please email You will have one year to use your course credit. Thank you!

Contact Details


The Performance Communication Company, Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, TX, USA

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