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Living into Our Fullest Potential

Effective communication is THE magic wand that creates connection, establishes new worlds and powers results.

Transforming Individuals and Organizations through Communication

The Performance Communication Company is a boutique advisory firm of communication execution experts. We have helped create greater organizational effectiveness through improving internal and external communications in the energy, science, medical and technology industries since 2006.  We have a proven track record of working with high-performance individuals and teams in multi-cultural and global environments taking their company performance to measurable new heights of effectiveness.  

Benefits include:

•Improved individual performance and career development

•Improved talent utilization and employee engagement

•Greater effectiveness of leaders

•Enhanced team synergy, productivity & effectiveness 

•Alignment of Brand and Business strategy


We improve organizational performance by transforming internal and external communications to align purpose, brand strategy, corporate identity, culture, delivery and voice.


Our fun, hands-on approach allows individuals in a group learning setting to create behavioral change and convert knowledge into sustainable, measurable skill at the performance level.



We help people to communicate to win by empowering their ability to create and confidently deliver clear messages that are meaningful, compelling, memorable and authentic.



Effective use of vocal delivery and listening skills between globally diverse speakers will allow native and non-native speakers to be more agile, precise and confident when communicating  across diverse sound barriers as well as allow key talent from around the world to better express and leverage their capabilities during critical meetings and presentations.



We believe that the quality of our results is determined by the quality of our conversations; those we have with ourselves and those we have with the world at large.
We work to empower people so they can speak their vision into vibrant reality – authentically, clearly and confidently.
We make miracles happen when people purposefully embrace their inner beauty as THE means of powering creation everywhere. 
We strive to  produce highly effective communicators that shape impact and results through the quality of their interactions. 
We create organic growth of organizations through the alignment of hearing, listening, thinking and planning of key conversations supported by performance excellence at the level of delivery.


Headquartered in Houston, TX, this woman-owned business enjoys tailoring solutions that helps organizations speak their vision to life through the magic of effective communication. What do you seek to solve or hope to create?


We would love to help you bring to life your vision and imagination into reality through the Art of Communication. 

1980 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 1500

Houston, TX 77056


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