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The Amazing Speaker Series

Greatly improve communications between native and non-native English-speaking employees.

The Amazing Speaker Series℠  is a comprehensive, interactive,  6-month online program that will  improve the communication effectiveness, confidence, and motivation of non-native English speakers

Proven Results Include:

  1. Greater talent utilization

  2. Clear and confident communication of technical expertise and ideas

  3. Enhanced leadership, corporate contributions, and personal profile.

Whether part of a seasoned global team or young high potential talent, your workforce will become successful sales and change agents as well as effective brand ambassadors.

See and Hear The Difference
Transformational Journey

Say It With Power is a strong tool that will improve your verbal communications and help you be more successful. I also believe, it is valuable for anybody who communicates on a daily basis in English. I totally recommend it. 

Maria Gomez, MD Ph.D., Assistant Researcher from FIOCRUZ.




Making your Voice Heard Webinar

Q&A Board

One-on-one Chat


(Needs to improve business communications)



Unlimited Access to All Content

Amazing Speaker Forum

One-on-one chat

Bonus! 2 Live Webinar Sessions



(Needs to lead meetings)



Standard Track Plus:

Expert Feedback

2 Skill Assessments with Customized Learning Plan plus Next Steps


(Needs to present to large audiences including executives & board members)



Presenter Track Plus:

6 HotSeat Group Coaching Calls

1 Live, Small Group Communication MasterClass Series

Impact Survey Process

Select the Plan that Best Fits Your Organization

Amazing Speaker Forum

Ability to Engage with our private Ecosystem of empowered communicators for Discussion, Emotional Support & Community Feedback.

Bonus! 2 LIVE Webinar Sessions 
Participate in 2 LIVE Bonus Group Learning Sessions. You can expect high impact, secret keys that will help you achieve even deeper, sustainable change AND skyrocket your delivery success.

Expert Feedback 
We use REAL HUMAN EXPERTS, not bots, certified in the Performance English approach who are music and vocal performance professionals to review all assignments, score it and send back written comments with corrective actions to help you fix any remaining issues. They are committed to your personal journey of success. 

Leader and Speaker Tracks will receive 12 feedback loops for basic learning and 15 feedback loops on performance-driven work.

Written reports will help you understand where you are and what further progress needs to be achieved.


Skill Assessments with Customized Learning Plan & Next Steps
Receive 2 Full Skill Assessment with Report & 2 -15 Minute Video Conference Review with a Certified Expert Coach.

After submitting specific video recorded segments of our proprietary assessment process, you will receive a comprehensive feedback report that will set a benchmark for your journey as well as give you a global view as to what urgent critical focus areas of study should be. You will participate in a 15-minute video conference with one of our experts to receive the first steps of a tailored learning plan. You can then compare your work-study reports against your original benchmark to gauge your overall progress. You will receive one full skill assessment process at the beginning of your enrollment and one after the completion of all milestones - after 6 months of consecutive enrollment in the program. 

HotSeat Group Coaching Calls
Participate in 6 group coaching calls - 1 per month.  Submit questions and challenges to be solved real-time with an expert speaking coach. This live session is limited to participants in the Leader Track. Additional exercises will be explored to solve challenges in an experiential learning format. This highly interactive session will be unique and one-of-a-kind as it meets learners exactly where they provide discussion and dialogue as well as robust technical coaching helping learners make light years of progress. 

Small Group Communication MasterClass Series
A MasterClass allows a group of learners to perform in front of an audience, receive expert coaching as well as to engage informative discussions with a peer group. 


Engage in 4 (2 hours) sessions of hands-on message and delivery performance improvement that will help you achieve greater results in your presentations and critical conversations. This virtual safe performance environment is a great place to explore message strategy, tactics, performance growth and brand development. 


Performance level assignments are tailored to learner needs allowing a robust learning experience to unfold.


In this package, learners will be able to participate in 1 virtual Communication MasterClass Series within a six month time frame of consecutive enrollment and development. 


Impact Survey
2 impact survey processes are included within a six-month time frame of consecutive enrollment. This report will provide you with 360-degree level feedback helping you to understand how the rest of the world experiences your communication and verbal delivery.

Unlimited Access to All Content
Access to all 48 Lessons,  consisting of 24 hours of high-quality video to help you learn North American Sounds. 12 hours of activities to apply your learning for all North American Sounds, and 42 hours of performance workouts to demonstrate your competence. Downloadable worksheets to help you practice offline. Speaker and Leader tracks include further access to practice, feedback and performance activities. 


Integrated Skills That Perform

Our innovative methods and practices develop high performing communication skill in a diverse mix of staff both for individuals and teams

Develop confidence, ease, and style… while creating measurable results and outperforming your competition.

We provide individuals with a fun and safe space to learn, practice, master skills, and blossom unique business artistry. Our integrated approach removes the barriers impeding full talent sharing, connection, and synergy.


The quality, sustainability and performance results we achieve for our clients set us apart from our competition. Our methodology has its roots in the training and transformational processes utilized in the fine and performing arts has been established by proven global business wins and is supported by neuroscience, cognitive linguistics, and top performance coaches.

See a Demo about our Approach and Your Learning Environment

We now support all iOS and Android phones and tablets for viewing content. 
Assignment submission still requires a laptop or tablet.

Get Started Today

Join our ecosystem of confident, successful and self-expressed people.

A critical part of success with spoken communication lies in the relationship between thinking, hearing, listening and speaking especially for non-native speakers of English. This free webinar will help you initiate your journey in the Performance English System. This webinar will specifically help you highlight key areas that challenge most non-native speakers in dominating their spoken English and in executing effective verbal delivery, confidently, easily and clearly. 

Are you ready? Then don’t delay, access our FREE webinar today.

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