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Day 1: What Child is This?

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Songs are intersections.

Songs come from somewhere. They are inspired by the human experience through the inner spiritual being. Songs come from seeing life in a particular way, at a particular juncture - wrapped in the experience found only in the present moment.

A musical performance of songs creates a crossroads where the human spirit can then intersect, connect, synergize and energize with others. The result of this is resonance. Human beings are the living conduits of song and the instrument of it's expression.

Songs exist beyond time.

They cross spans of times, beyond the rational thinking mind. Songs have the power to connect human beings together beyond differences of every kind - through the heart - into a higher experience.

Music is a living time machine.

Have you ever wondered - what does that song REALLY mean? Why was it written? Who wrote it? What was life like through their eyes? What was happening in the world at that time? How does it pertain to me - today?

"We are all instruments playing in a global symphony. We are - in the end - resonance in motion." Mariam Haddad

Let's step into a tiny time machine. The vehicle in this case is the Christmas Carol - What Child Is This? It is a traditional carol that many people may have grown up hearing, in one form or another. Click the video below to hear the interesting backstory behind this famed carol.

You get to be a part of the intersection that has unfolded over a few hundred years - through the vehicle of this song!

Click and have a listen to the performance created just for you.

TOGETHER: We CAN Raise Our Resonance.

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