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It's Not Just About Perfecting Your Craft, But How you Convey Your Message

I was so honored to be a guest on "The Rutledge Perspective with Laurel." Laurel is so full of life, vitality and ENERGY! Her work over the last 30 years has made her an invaluable resource to individuals as well as organizations. She will help you get "out of your rut and off of the ledge."

In this podcast interview, we talk about the importance of blending both of our creative and scientific sides.

By visiting some of my personal story, Laurel drew out how we have successfully blended both sides in the communication education and strategy work we have done since 2006.

As a classically trained performing artist, I learned the hard way that practice does NOT necessarily make perfect. How we practice turns knowledge into skill and new skill into performance capability you can count on.

Confidence is not an accident.

Have a listen to hear our conversation. I hope there is something in there that can help you give wings to your ideas and let your communication take flight!

Stay tuned! We are soon to post a LIVE video lesson with Laurel.

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Why not create the impact you desire in 2021?

Mariam Haddad,

CEO & Founder

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