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What is courage...really?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The answer comes to us as stories that matter, stories that embrace the whispers of the heart, stories where listening was THE choice that made the difference.

Each story that Corage will feature comes from honest interviews with different people from various cultures, professions and walks of life. Each interview is shared as one story framing life itself. Each story will share insights and one important idea that helped them the most - in activating courage throughout their lives.

The one thread that became apparent as I interviewed people was a common theme - faith. Faith supplies us with the courage TO listen – especially when we are shown a path that will lead to a very different reality than the one we are currently in.

Faith is NOT a magic word. It is a state of being that activates the new – the hoped for – the wished for - and - the unseen.

When you cannot see the road, or even the next step in front of you, it is my hope that this body of work will help you find the fuel to inspire an inner supply of faith. I hope it will help you to get in action - to listen for the whispers of your heart calling you to rise.

You might find that repeated faith and courage result in resilience.

© Mariam Elizabeth Haddad. All Rights Reserved.

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