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Want to love how you sound?

Enroll in the

The Amazing 

Speaker Series℠ Program


Be Heard. Be Understood. Be Remembered.

What is 

The Amazing Speaker Series? 

A comprehensive, interactive,

12-weeks online program that is a complete solution for non-native English speakers who desire to grow into their fullest speaking potential. 

Are you ready to love how YOU sound? 


Carpe Diem. Seize the Day!

Transform Your Voice. Say It with Power. Communicate Effectively.

Perform in every interaction...

Just showing up is not enough to get the results you want.  You can achieve more
through who you are, how you listen, what you say, and how you say it.   
Love how you sound - now.

The Amazing Speaker Series℠ is a complete solution.

We have done the heavy lifting for you.


Finding the knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and tools that comprise our program would have taken our learners years to compile, much less learn, and master those skills. 

Our proven approach gives you what you need to make fast and lasting changes to your speech and vocal storytelling abilities. Take advantage of our integrated, complete system that will turn knowledge into skill. Make lasting change in 6 months.

What's The Amazing Speaker Series℠ mission?

To help the brightest, global minds communicate clearly, powerfully, and effectively, Beyond English. 


Proven results include improved:


English Speech, Listening & Fluency


Speaking Voice


Vocal Storytelling


Personal Brand

What Skills Will I Gain?

Skill 1: English Speech, Listening & Fluency

  1. Integrated ability to think, hear, and speak English at a sustainable performance level.

  2. See written English, know what the sound should be, and generate the correct sounds.

  3. Improve your ability to easily hear and understand varied, global forms of spoken English.

Skill 2: Speaking Voice

  1. Gain conscious control of your speaking voice.

  2. Develop a compelling speaking sound that keeps people listening.

  3. Generate clear sounding speech that is easy to hear and understand. Correct and improve your pronunciation. Overcome problematic accent issues that reduce the effectiveness of your spoken words.

  4. Manage volume and projection effectively for varied communication settings and scenarios.

Skill 3: Vocal Storytelling

  1. Optimize audience connection, understanding, and interpretation of your meaning through professional phrasing techniques.

  2. Understand how to drive impact through speed control, dynamics, and speaking range

  3. Utilize emotional tone purposefully to create buy-in and belief

Skill 4: Personal Brand

  1. Speak authentically and confidently allowing your true voice to shine through.

  2. Develop a distinct speaking sound that represents your true identity and voice.

  3. Build and prepare your performances as performing artists do to maximize confidence and freedom in front of others.

transformative journey.png

Train & Strengthen 

the core of the verbal communications process.

thinking, hearing, listening and speaking.

perception, creation and verbal message transmission.

Clearly & Easily
receive and respond effectively in all communication settings.

How will you do it?

Quality Learning. 

Sustainable Change. 

Proven Processes.

Master 6 Skill Centers

  • 5 Applied Learning Performance Projects Scored by your instructor

  • 48 Video Lessons from Speaking Expert

  • Self-Paced Video Led Voice & Speech Exercises

Who is this Program Best Suited For?

  • Senior Leadership and High-Potential Executives 

  • Podcasters, YouTubers, and Radio Hosts

  • Leadership in Nonprofit and Service Organizations

  • Developers and Engineers

  • Medical Professionals and Scientists 

  • Entrepreneurs seeking to develop profound leadership communications skills

Cost and Features

Program Fee


Interested in payment assistance from your employer? Click here.

  • 12 weeks, 60 hours total (fully remote program)

  • World-renowned Communication Faculty

  • Weekly dynamic videos and exercises to apply tools and skills 

  • Individual coaching from expert communication specialists

  • Small-team exercises, activities, and feedback

  • 5 Applied Learning Communication Performance Projects

  • Amazing Speaker Certificate of Completion 

ThePerfCommCo Logo Color.png

This program counts towards a

Certificate of Communication Excellence 

A Performance Communication Institute Certificate of Communication Excellence gives individuals the opportunity to create a personal plan of study structured by our four pillars of communication performance. Participants will earn a mark of distinction with certification from the Performance Communication Institute, and enjoy the flexibility of completing the program in up to three years.


Hear what our customers are saying about us

"The Amazing Speaker Series℠ Say it with Power! is a strong tool will improve your verbal communications and help you be more successful. I also believe, it is valuable for anybody who communicates on a daily basis in English. I totally recommend it!" 

Maria Gomez, MD Ph.D., Assistant Researcher from FIOCRUZ.

Our leaders are everywhere.


Most common questions…

How long is the program?

Recommended Duration: 6 Months

The 6-month program duration is based on a daily minimum average of 30 minutes of learning and practice time, 5 days a week.

How are we different?

We believe you are the instrument of communication. The power of your speaking ability happens when the listener can easily hear you, understand you, and remember what you said. 


The process and method you use in building skills matter. We perform how we prepare. 

We meet learners where they are, and our approach helps them learn to make gains that produce lasting change fast.


Our unique and integrated approach draws on key elements of cutting-edge neuroscience and learning techniques, instrumental and operatic performance, cognitive linguistics and world-class speaking techniques that help you acquire the skills needed to create higher communication performance even in the most difficult and demanding circumstances.


When combined in the right process and order, this proven method will increase your ability to own your communication in every setting.

Will I work with people?

The short answer is yes.  In all plans, you can gain feedback from fellow students using our forum feature.  Expert feedback is provided by our world class set of instructors in the Leader and Presenter track. 


Private, tailored coaching sessions can be purchased separately and integrated with your learning journey.

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