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Accelerate Your Planned Transformation for a Brighter Future

Empowering Organizations to Implement Change & Achieve Their Goals Fast

Get Buy-In   •   Unleash a Culture of Innovation  •  Implement Change Effectively

Most organizations know they need to transition to their defined future state...

But few know how to get there FAST.

Is your transition to planned organizational change stalled? 


It doesn’t matter how great your new planned vision and goals are if you don’t have buy-in from everybody in your organization.  


At The Performance Communication Company, we help organizations integrate their strategy, vision, and purpose to create the culture change they need to accelerate their transition to a brighter future without increasing complexity and incurring higher costs.

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How do you implement change effectively?
By integrating strategy, vision & purpose

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Higher performance, growth, and profitability are a natural result of creating, translating, aligning, and activating a sustainable business model that engages hearts and minds.

Tap into your people's purpose to quickly unlock productivity

Here’s what happens when your people align their purpose with your organization's purpose

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Create Thriving Environments 

Reduce turnover by creating a culture employees buy into

Overcome the barriers holding back your planned changes

Inspire, Excite, Engage, and Ignite Higher Performance

You may be thinking, “Are we the right fit?
Great question.

Who We Help:

Organizations committed to new vision but struggle with:

  • Getting buy-in/alignment across the org

  • Implementing successful change 

  • Unlocking a culture of innovation

  • Reducing complexity and transition costs

What We Do:
  • Integrate and align your employees’ purpose with the organization’s purpose

  • Get buy-in from top to bottom

  • Develop and implement a change management roll-out plan in 120 days

  • Transform your people into effective changemakers

Who We Transform:
  • Individuals (C-Suite, Senior Leaders, Rising Leaders & High Potential Talent)

  • Functional Teams (Technical , Project, Sales)

  • Business Units, Organizations

How to get started with us

Meeting you where you are... Partnering with your team to success


Exploration Discussion

  • Understanding reality & path forward


Discovery Engagement

  • Assessments 

  • Gap Analysis 

  • Report & Recommendations 

  • Transformation Roadmap


Implementation Engagement

  • Make Measurable Change Beginning in 120 Days 

  • Tailored, Designed Approach & Scaled Roll-Out based on 120 Day Sprints 

  • Strategy & Implementation Specialists Collaborate with Your People to Drive Results Fast 

Seamless Coordination, Planning, and Execution

Program reviews from leaders for our Transformation Services

Mayte Sera Weitzman 
Public Relations

Goya Foods of Texas


In this age, taken over by social media & communication overload, I’d like to recommend the work of Mariam Haddad and The Performance Communication Company.


I attended a recent event Electrify Houston, sponsored by the Institute of Hispanic Culture. Ms. Haddad of the Performance Communication Company led a dynamic group of diverse, high-level, C-suite professionals with flawless execution.


Mariam was engaging, she led the team keeping them alert and responsive during an entire full day DEI training. Her voice is magical, calming, reassuring yet affirmative.


She has a unique gift to express, teach and communicate in the most challenging of circumstances. She was also quite gifted to be able to re-direct energies and synergies using them proactively.


Electrify your shareholder value:

A lot of people know WHAT to change.  They may know WHY they need to change.  The elephant in the room is HOW to change.

We created, led, and produced "Electrify Houston," the 1st Annual Summit where proven leaders in the sustainability movement converged to discover intersections of value in driving change.

Mariam Haddad, Past Vice-Chair, DEI Council for the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston



Visionary leaders, c-suite, and executives in one-on-one coaching



Workshops to global audiences from Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and the US.



Executive leaders,  SMEs and rising talent in Energy, Tech and Medical Sectors.

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